How Technology Can Help You Find Your Keys
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How Technology Can Help You Find Your Keys

How Technology Can Help You Find Your Keys

Many people have done it; they are busy getting ready for work or go out when they realize that they cannot find their keys. There then follows many frantic minutes searching all over the house before you finally find them exactly where you left them. Thankfully, there are a few ways that technology can now help you find your keys and save you a lot of time.

Tracking Devices

One of the biggest advances in technology for lost things is the tracking devices. They are small key ring sized devices that are designed to help you track things such as keys and even your car. There are many other gadgets you can add to your car on sites like The idea is that you place the tracker in a secure place inside your car or on your keys and it uses an app on your phone to pinpoint its last location. It means that when you leave the store to find your car or go looking for your keys, you can quickly find out where they were. There are some newer trackers which can even tell you if the location changes, for example, if someone borrows your keys.

Smart Home Apps

There are many things your smart home hub can do, and one of those is to help you find things. There is now a reminder app which allows you to tell the hub where you left something. If later on, you cannot remember where it is, you can ask the home hub, and it will tell you. It is a great way to keep track of things around the house; you just need to remember to tell it where your things are when you leave them.

Sound Activated Key Fob

These devices have been around for some time, though they can still be effective if you know that your keys are nearby. If you cannot find them, then all you need to do is a whistle, and the fob will bleep back at you. You can do this several times until you can pinpoint the area they are located. As a replaceable battery runs these fobs, you need to ensure that they haven’t gone flat.

Your Cell Phone

In a similar way to your smart home hub, your smartphone can also help you to keep track of your keys or anything else. The easiest way to do this is to make a memo of your location for your car, or better yet, take a photo of the car and the surrounding area. Then, if you get lost, you can look up the road on Google maps and find your way back. The same applies to your keys, take a photo of them in their location, so you will know where they are when you need them.

By using technology to help you remember where you placed things such as keys, you will hopefully never lose anything again, unless you lose your phone of course.


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