4 Super-Smart Ways of Earning Residual Income

4 Super-Smart Ways of Earning Residual Income

4 Super-Smart Ways of Earning Residual Income

You have considered the idea; living off in the future by creating several streams of residual income. The problem is that it sounds too good to be true. You find it hard to believe that even a regular person like you can actually do this. Obviously, it can be done. Why else would the concept be so popular on the internet these days? Yes, before the technology boom, creating a residual income stream was undoubtedly rare and definitely not easy. However, now you have various residual income opportunities you can find online these days. So, why not give them a shot?

Again there is a dilemma; which one should you go with? Lucky for you, here is a list of the top super-smart ways of earning a substantial and reliable residual income:

1.      Write a number of E-books

How do you think books like Fifty Shades of Grey gained popularity? They started as e-books and became a huge sensation. Now, its writer is swimming in residual income and is set for the future. This indicates that there is huge potential in this idea. Sure, you are required to put in quite an effort upfront, but you can also enjoy outstanding benefits. You can write several e-books on popular and useful topics that offer some value. Remember, you need to choose an idea that doesn’t get stale as you want it to bring in money for several years.

2.      Make a Video Course

Everyone has something they can teach to others. Today’s audience is hungry and seeking more and more. You can make your video course on any one of useful topics like weight loss, education, career, sleep habits and even on technical subjects. You can also offer people guidance about things on the internet or even impart some business advice. You just have to make it catchy and easy to understand and you are good to go. You will be generating residual income pretty soon.

3.      Create an App

Since phones have become a necessity, people are coming up with apps for the weirdest things. From tracking your heart rate to teaching you German, you can find a wide array of apps for different platforms. Making an app has also become really easy so you can also tap this source for earning residual income. As long as you have a unique idea and your app can come in very handy, you will not have any difficulty in selling your app to interested parties.

4.      Use your Photography

Do you have any photography skills? Do you enjoy taking photographs of different things and subjects? What you do as a hobby can be a source of residual income. There are a large number of photography sites that are willing to pay people for their photographs. You may get a flat fee for every picture or they may also offer you a percentage of the sale made. A single photo can get you cash several times as it is sold over and over again. Hence, this can be a solid way to make residual income.


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