Common Problems When Companies Ignore Email Address Verification

Common Problems When Companies Ignore Email Address Verification

Common Problems When Companies Ignore Email Address Verification

If you are gathering email addresses to sell to bulk mailers, you probably don’t require email address validation. However, if you are serious about your business and want to build a strong relationship with your subscribers through email marketing campaigns, you should validate your email address list.

What is email address verification?

It is a process of validating the email addresses. Email verification software tests every email on the list and determines whether you can send to that address. Previously, complicated softwares were used to verify emails, but today most email verification is done with the help of hosted software.

Let’s explore some common issues you face if your email list is unverified.

1) It is very common that users enter an incorrect email address – whether intentionally or by mistake. Such email address makes your email lists completely undeliverable and inaccurate.

2) This undeliverable address causes large bounce-back ratio.As a result, your mail server reputation is degraded to large public email services like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail. They start considering your emails as spams.

3) The email server’s IP address is considered as a spammer by this public email services. They start blacklisting your email server’s IP address and your regular email communication is also affected as the emails sent from your domain remain undeliverable because of the blacklisted status of IP address.

This means if you are planning to run newsletters for your email marketing operations, you should consider cleaning up your lists. Opting email verification service can turn into a good investment to gain the assurance of thoroughly valid and deliverable email list.

You may wonder, what if I use free Bulk email verification services?

Free bulk email verification is available, but there is usually a catch. Often, it will be through a free trial, which is a common marketing strategy for many companies. If you have a relatively small mailing list, this might be a useful option. Other companies offer one by one verification, which is technically non-bulk. You have to verify your own emails individually. There are lots of budget-friendly bluk email verification providers to smooth your email list cleaning process.

Apparently, you get accurate figures of your actual audience as the low-quality and undeliverable address gets removed automatically.


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