How to Adjust to the Modern SEO Landscape

How to Adjust to the Modern SEO Landscape

How to Adjust to the Modern SEO Landscape

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has changed dramatically over the years. What began as a simple exercise in keyword stuffing has become a world of complex algorithms, shifting expectations, and reliance on the worldwide web as a whole.

Here is a quick look at how much the world of SEO has changed and how a strong SEO company like OneCore Media can help you navigate this new environment:

The Changing Nature of Keywords

Keywords have always played an important role in SEO, but the way search egnines analyze their use has changed dramatically. In the early days of the Internet, search engines simply looked for the presence of certain keywords to determine their rankings. That meant that low-quality sites could use certain phrases to appear on the first page of search results fairly easily. Modern algorithms now evaluate context and the whole content of a page when determining rankings. Thus, the modern SEO process still relies on keywords, but requires that they be placed in proper context and built naturally into a page. That is one reason why having skilled content marketers in your corner is so important. These individuals know how to use keywords properly to deliver a highly-ranked and informative site.

Site Quality

Google and other major search engines have constantly changing guidelines for what qualifies as a high-quality website. Algorithms shift frequently to make sure that unscrupulous web designers don’t take advantage of any loopholes, but the constant in the modern day is that websites need to be informative and useful to visitors. This means that content marketing is key. Content marketing in the form of blogs, how-to guides, and other useful information is the best way to market your product or service as something that has utility beyond the purchase. When customers can come to your for advice and inside information about your industry, your content becomes more valuable, and your ranking rises.

Helpful Links

One of the other factors that determines strong SEO standing is the use of links in a website. Ideally, links should be provided as part of your content to allow customers to learn more about specific related information. Some of these links can connect to your existing content, allowing potential customers to associate your brand with excellent information and resources. Other links should be external, connecting to highly-cited and informative websites that can provide more information on a related subject. This shows that your business is about more than just promotion. Additionally, because external linkage shows that you’ve done your research, it helps to reinforce your content as authoritative. A skilled SEO company can strike the right balance between internal and external links for you.

The changing SEO landscape has introduced challenges even to those who were once experienced at online marketing. Strong content is the key, but having the aid of a professional group of SEO experts also helps. By knowing how to craft a website that is useful and which fits within the algorithms used by major search engines, you can put your company ahead of your competitors and also greatly help your customers.


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