4 Reasons For Choosing A Neutral Vendor For Your Staffing Needs

4 Reasons For Choosing A Neutral Vendor For Your Staffing Needs

4 Reasons For Choosing A Neutral Vendor For Your Staffing Needs

If you are not satisfied with your current primary staffing agency, you must be looking for other options to add quality, cost-efficient employees to your company’s workforce. What you need is a neutral vendor managed staffing service. And if you are thinking how they can benefit you, we list out four ways they can be advantageous for your organisation.


The major benefit of a neutral vendor for staffing is obviously the aspect of neutrality. Unlike a dedicated recruitment agency, who handles recruitment exclusively through their channel alone, neutral vendors check with various agencies to find the best possible candidate. A dedicated agency will have its own set of interests when hiring workers for you. Sure, they will be looking to hire the best. But there are occasions when there will develop a conflict of interest.  For example, the agency may find that it is beneficial for them to place a staff at higher rates. But for you, this is a drawback.  Such a disadvantage does not exist with a neutral vendor.

Top Talent Available

A big benefit with a neutral vendor is that you can always be sure of getting the top talent. This is because a neutral vendor will be working with multiple recruitment agencies. As such, these agencies will know that if they do not maintain a good supply of talented staff, the vendor will simply dispose them off from service.

Reduce Costs

As seen earlier, neutral vendors do not have any vested interest in hiring staff at higher cost like a dedicated agency would. You also benefit from the fact that neutral vendors will have relationships with hundreds of recruitment agencies. This gives them incredible leverage when it comes to procuring staff for you at competitive rates. For example, neutral vendors can work on a volume model wherein they can get discounted rates when they procure workers. And this cost reduction will be transferred to you.

100% Regulatory Compliance

One issue that many employers might face when hiring staff is the issue of compliance. Hiring employees who do not comply with governmental regulations can cost you dearly. And this is where neutral vendors shine. The neutral vendor will always do a compliance check on the worker before they are provided with an offer letter. They will also audit all recruitment agencies in their network once every few months to ensure that they too are following government regulations. And any agency that fails the compliance test will be immediately removed as a supplier.  As such, you can be absolutely sure that the workers you hire comply will all the rules and regulations of employment as set up by the UK government.

If you are still unsure of whether a neutral staffing vendor is a right choice for you, get in touch with one of them and you will be able to make a better judgment.


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