3 Types of SEO You Should All Be Aware Of

3 Types of SEO You Should All Be Aware Of

3 Types of SEO You Should All Be Aware Of

As we all know, that SEO has various operation methods that provide several results according to your requirements. Well, it’s a point of what’s your focus is when it comes to ranking your website. So various methods are applied by SEO experts. There are three basic techniques or types of SEO.

SEO techniques according to experts are classified into Three different explanations:

  • Techniques and methodologies that search engine recommend the most and are good approach
  • The methods that search engine is against and highly suggest not to follow in any case.
  • Techniques that are in between in both of thoese methods.

The methods which Google suggests as recommended provide long-term benefits and avoid issues like low ranking. Whereas the other method not only harmful in a long-term period of time but can also turn down your site permanently.

Black Hat SEO

This is an aggressive SEO strategy which is applied by those people who are looking for a short-term financial return from their webpage. These tactics will be applied by people who are only focused on bringing their website for top ranking while missing the idea of audience’s interest. They don’t follow the basic rules and guidelines provided by search engines and usually work against them for the quick response. Such methods do not work if you are looking for long-term investment.

Various methods like:

  • Link-farms is basically spamming the index of search engines. Basically when in a group of websites where everyone is providing their backlinks without even looking what the actual topic is being discussed. This is a very dangerous practice and will surely harm your SEO ranking.
  • Keyword stuffing is another issue that takes place when you have stuffed your keywords in your content way too much and on repeat. This is unacceptable by Google terms. These keywords might be stuffed in meta-descriptions or in content.
  • Another step of Black Hat Seo is plagiarism which is basically a shameful act of copy pasting other people hard-work and presenting it as your own. This act does save time but has no outcomes and Google straight ignores such content and low rank it.
  • Another issue is blog spam which is randomly commenting or sharing your backlinks in unrelated topics on public blogs which are easily accessible to anyone.
  • Buying paid links to increase the popularity of your web site.

The most severe issues are content cloaking. In this method, the web master provides content to the search engines for the approval or ranking which is totally different to the one that is displaying at the user’s end. Basically, to get it pass Google terms, you are using a masking data which is not actually there and user’s screen will see something else. Parasite hosting is also in this matter in which a person is sharing their content on another web page without their permissions generally for ranking purposes.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat is neither bad nor good or more like standing in the middle of it. So let’s discuss the basic terms of it.

  • Three-way link building is a famous technique in Grey Hat. Let’s take an example If a webmaster owns multiple websites and have a separate one as his main one. He will write articles for those multiple sites and share links on it to his main website. This is highly unlikable by Google and it has almost been taken care of.
  • Article rewriting is a major issue, People copy content from the web and paste it in these tools, which rewrites the whole content with different words while keeping the same context. This is extremely dangerous as Google red flag such sites which are doing this. There are penalties that can turn your site down or out of the SERP permanently. Article spinning or rewriting is evenly dangerous as plagiarism and there are algorithms which straightway take it out.
  • Buying old domains for taking a chance for higher Domain authority as well as a part of it.

Bombing the Google by posting unrelated backlinks on topics which have nothing to do with it can bring your ranking low. These will affect your website as a lack of quality backlinks in a negative way.

White Hat SEO (The Best)

These are the techniques which are most recommended and are extremely healthy for your site’s search engine optimizing. These methods are long-term business returns and bring your website on high ranking slowly but stay there for long. The best approach for those who are looking for quality methods and ethical behavior of online ranking.

  • Guest blogging is a very good technique in which you post your quality articles or content at other blogs and websites which are high in ranking. Sharing your content on such sites always return a positive response.
  • One method is sharing your website link from other websites in regard to highly informative content on your webpage. Or you can say it’s the creation of content that influences people to click the link to your website which is present on another blog or webpage. Such links include really informative and helpful material.
  • Content quality is the key. Writing quality content while avoiding content spinning and plagiarism is very important. Google loves the original content and places it as a positive impact on SEO ranking. It is important to pass content from plagiarism before publishing it.
  • Internal Linking is very important. It’s basically when you share your links of different pages of the same web site on each other.
  • Fixing your site for errors like Page speed (google page speed checker), design, XML sitemap etc is very important in regards to building quality of your page and making it easier for Google bots to crawl. Optimizing your content and doing little tweaks every now and then to make it work better is an extremely good exercise and a part of White Hat SEO


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