How to Choose Between Laser Engraver and Laser Marker

How to Choose Between Laser Engraver and Laser Marker

How to Choose Between Laser Engraver and Laser Marker

Laser engraving and laser marking are being used for most of the jobs that are carried out by the conventional manufacturing engravers. Both the machines consist of a feasible and versatile technology that is used by several engravers to enhance productivity and other services for their consumers to increase their revenue.

There are a number of terms being used for the basic tools that are meant to facilitate engraving through laser beams. Many people want to know the difference among laser engraver and laser marker. However, these terms are interchanged all the time and thinking it through could cause confusion on both the consumer and the equipment supplier ends causing errors and mishaps in determining the correct mechanism for the work.

There are several companies that provide different types of laser equipment which is available in both standard and custom forms and are being used for a large variety of applications. They have teams of application technicians who can help you determine the viability of a project in addition to specify the correct process and the type of laser machine required for the job.

Laser Engraving is the most commonly used term. It can be defined as the process of creating marks on the surface of a material with the help of engraving laser beam.  Engraving machines can be functional on various types of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. Usually, the matter is vaporized or taken away during the engraving process. When used on plastic material, the cap is removed and the core is exposed to create signs that look very attractive.

Furthermore, engraving is also involved in the processing of metals. In order to guarantee durability, workers remove the material so that the required depth is created. Usually, this process requires 1,064nm wavelength laser as YAG because this type of lasers go well with all kinds of metals. When metals are engraved this way, the engraving laser beam can cause breaking the machined surface of the material which results in corrosion or rusting taking place.

Often, a concern arises at the time of feasibly testing that if the buyer wants the depth then he should know that the metallic base could oxidize during the process. This is the point where Laser marking may be needed as a next option. Laser marker is used for processing metal items. It is a must that the metallic surface stays intact during the marking process. Often this type of markings are needed for surgical instruments, surgical implants and other similar items

With laser marking, the carbon material is redistributed by the laser heat in order to produce a jet black mark with disruption of the micron leveling surface. If this process is done correctly then there won’t be oxidation or rusting even if it is checked with salt spray testing or autoclaved.

It is always good to understand the basic terminologies while you are buying a laser machine or join a laser company to work as it will help you make your communication skills stronger with the seller and so he would get a better idea of your requirements and expectations.



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