The Incredible Evolution of Mobile Phones
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The Incredible Evolution of Mobile Phones

The Incredible Evolution of Mobile Phones

While many people believe mobile phones to be a rather recent invention, they actually have been in use since 1973. Granted, the devices we use today look vastly different than the Motorola DynaTac. The most significant changes have been recent, occurring in just the last twenty years.

After the first mobile phone call was made, the device saw no changes really until the 1990’s. The reason for this is that technology had to first make some advancements for the mobile phone to change. During the 90’s it now became possible to create a much smaller battery for the phone which helped to reduce its size. Prior to this, mobile phones were rather clunky and had to be carried in either a briefcase or a bag. They also, didn’t keep a charge for long which made them impractical for most people. When the size decreased and the battery life increased, more and more consumers began seeing the appeal of having a phone to use on the go.

Another important change was the creation of other styles. One of the first to become popular was the flip phone. This made the device smaller to stow away. A slide phone was another configuration that helped to make the phones smaller. The slide also made it easier to hide a full QWERTY keyboard. This addition to mobile phones made it possible to send text messages and emails.

The most current devices can essentially do just about everything a computer can do. This would include accessing the internet which has helped to make mobile gaming quite popular. For instance, many users can now access their favourite casinos games from their devices. Most online casinos also have a mobile casino which is configured for optimal use on a mobile phone.

While the changes in mobile phone technology have evolved significantly in recent years, there are surely more exciting developments just waiting on the horizon.


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