Some Common Mythologies About Fiber Optic Cables

Some Common Mythologies About Fiber Optic Cables

Some Common Mythologies About Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables are not new in terms of technology but lots of people still aren’t fully aware of them. For this reason, there are a number of myths swirling around them since ages. The article shall shade the light on some common myths about fiber optic cables.

Most people still believe that the optic fibers cost too much whereas it’s no longer a reality. Instead, the fact says, the fibers were used to be costly long time back and they were even costlier than copper cables. In the present time, there’s a significant decline in the price required for manufacturing along with an easy way of terminations which have too lessen the cost of the fiber optics  and they are cheaper than the amount you likely to pay for the copper installation. Besides, being low in the prices, the cables are easier to maintain than ever.

Another myth about the fibers says these are hard to terminate. However, this belief is as old as the idea of cables being expensive a long time ago. We all know, they were found difficult during termination process a couple of years ago due to being fragile. Their material required the users for limiting the quantity of uncovered glass. Since the glass shards are dangerous and very fragile substance, one has to take care of oneself while dealing with it in any means. However, the advancements in technology have changed the situation and terminating the cables is not difficult anymore.  At the present, the termination process is done with SSD which is quite easy and is also possible with a little training.

One of the common myths says the fiber optic cables are impossible to hack. We all know the frequent use of these cables is to connect computers in a network; and hacking other’s information using computer connections is said to be a sensitive issue. The fiber optic cables have a particular light within them which makes hacking the data very difficult but it never indicates that with the fibers, nobody can have access to your information as it is still possible to hack the information with a network tap and a physical access to the cable connected to the computer having information. Since the security risks are still there despite you have the network connected by fiber optic cables, you must take all safety measurements for your computer network to prevent hackers from getting to your data. An important step could be encrypting all data that is important and needs to be kept confidential.

Seeing as most people compare fiber optic cables with copper, it’s a common belief that the fibers carry a different infrastructure than the one used in copper. It’s just the competition between the rivals that makes people think that they have different Infrastructures. However, this is not the case and most of the parts and components of both the cables are identical. Both have similar wall boxes and plates besides having same patch cables, and in-wall pieces .The most interesting thing against this myth is that both cables make the same layout of their networks.



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