Samsung’s SE Jailed for Attempting Technology Leak to A Chinese Company

Samsung’s SE Jailed for Attempting Technology Leak to A Chinese Company

Samsung’s SE Jailed for Attempting Technology Leak to A Chinese Company

Samsung’s senior executive has been sent in prison for violating the law of South Korean industrial technology protection. He was arrested for lawfully leaking tech secrets to China.

The senior executive had been serving as in-charge of quality control at Samsung in its semiconductor division for last couple of years. According to the reports, the security at the giant tech firm caught the executive while he was trying to leave company’s premises with a pile of copied documents of application processors’ technology data. Following the timely caught; the employee was reported to the management who later entrusted the guilty to the police for further investigations.

The legal authorities after the 2-month process of investigations and gathering evidence revealed the man whose surname is Lee was in touch with an anonymous Chinese company and was attempting to provide them with the official secrets of Samsung. Police was also successful in retrieving the secret documents that the man had copied.

The 51-year-old guilty was then presented to the local court where a judge sentenced to send him to jail on Thursday, September 21, 2016 until trial for his attempt to violate industrial technology protection law. The crops were ordered to further put their hands into investigations to find out if the executive has also tried to leak technology before this.

South Korea’s core national technology is referred to the semiconductor technology and it is legally prohibited to leak anything about it without taking permission from authorities. It’s also worth mentioning here Samsung is the second-largest company in the world in regard of semiconductor technology. Moreover, the company is also acknowledged as the world’s top business of memory chip which earns half of its operating revenue alongside its mobile division.

Following into the footsteps of South Korea, China has introduced new information technology as one of strategic industries of the country which alongside the semiconductor technology, will be produced until 2025. In addition, China’s Tsinghua Unigroup is in the process of buying chip companies of South Korea and United States.

The new product by Samsung has been in news following its first battery explosion during charging in a car. Just after a few days of the news of first incident emerged, more stories of devices catching fire started to come from different places which immediately promoted the company to stop all sales of the product.  It was quite shocking for the users to see how these handsets are catching fires. However, soon it was revealed that the explosions are caused by lithium-ion batteries of the handsets.

Samsung after investigation over the problem owned up the fault saying the plastic layers that separate battery’s negative and positive sides were penetrated during the manufacturing process which is leading the batteries to get into short circuit and pose an enormous risk of fire because the both poles trigger extreme heat after coming into contact.

In a nutshell, Samsung is facing profit decline in its mobile division these days following the recall of its Galaxy Note 7. This makes the area of semiconductor technology more important than ever for the year.


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