Microsoft To Redesign Paint App For Its New Operating System

Microsoft To Redesign Paint App For Its New Operating System

Microsoft To Redesign Paint App For Its New Operating System

Microsoft has reportedly redesigned Paint app for its latest operating system which looks really splendid and more appealing than the old one. Known as Windows 10, the new OS was launched a few weeks ago and has a friendlier computing environment for its users.

The move is considered as an important step toward brining changes in the software of this genre. MS Paint is the app which has barely updated in new versions of Microsoft Windows in last couple of years but this time the company finally considered to bring its new looks with improved tools and features. The updated app will be completely overhauled, and according to a Twitter user who has watched its demonstration video, the app has been redesigned with bearing the latest operating system in mind.

The launch video shows the updated version of MS Paint comes with all features that are familiar to regular Paint users along with an addition of 3D object support which is a considered to be an awesome option for HoloLens. Using the new feature, Paint Preview users will be able create 3D objects as well as gloss them to all comers. In addition, Microsoft Paint Preview boasts a variety of art tools and painting markers so that will help you easily create objects besides using brushes that are added to be applied directly on 3D objects.

Each tool of the app appears to be supporting pen-and-touch setting. Moreover, these tools will have a specific interface that is an amazing combination of 2D images and 3D models, and also includes 3D content community tools.

It is interesting to learn that the news alongside some screenshots had already disclosed earlier this year in May suggesting Microsoft has began to work on an updated version of Paint that is compatible with Windows 10, the latest operating system by the American tech firm. And many believe the app has moved into the “update” phase since then. The company apparently will test Paint’s early alpha version while the launch video suggests it could be ready and available for public very soon.

The frequent users of Microsoft believe the updated version of Paint which has been redesigned to run on a new surface will be really amazing. The demonstration videos were uploaded and made public just some hours after the announcement of holding a special event in New York on October 26, 2016 was made by Microsoft. The company is widely expected to introduce some new products at the venue including a new surface device that is rumored to be an all-in-one desktop computer.

According to reliable sources, the possible AIO computer is likely to be aiming at creativity and the company is working on its software and hardware that will improve the use of customary contributions, stylus, and feel on a complete desktop personal computer. Furthermore, the new version of Paint app along with other apps will work according to the well-planned layout designed for Windows 10.


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