Nintendo Launches NES Classic Edition

Nintendo Launches NES Classic Edition

Nintendo brings good news for game lovers with the announcement of its new gaming venture. It has been named as NES Classic Edition and is particularly designed to double a compact gaming pleasure to those who love playing long hours before their TV sets. The latest gaming version uncovered last week is a small imitation of the original home console which can be directly connected to your television set using an HDMI cable.

The new gaming system includes an excellent collection of 30 games including those from the 8-bit epoch. Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and Kriby’s Adventures are some of the all-time favorite games for everyone who loves playing video games. Apart from these, PAC-MAN, Metriod and The Legend of Zelda are also packed with the new fun box.

Mr. Reggie Fils-Aime, in a talk with media said, Nintendo wants to provide the game lovers of all ages the opportunity to return to its original system and find again what made them love the Nintendo in the first place.  Reggie is the president of the prestigious gaming company and is optimistic to the results of their new invention.

Reggie says anyone who played the NES or who likes to convey those nostalgic memories they have with NES to upcoming gamers will certainly love their edition. It’s just a perfect gift for them.

The NES Classic Edition will be out for sale this fall at $60 and will be shipped along with a newly designed controller and an HDMI cable. Moreover, every pack of the gaming system will include an AC adapter. Gamers can also purchase extra controllers for NES Classic at $9.99. The new edition will not support the original NES controller. However, controller Pros and Wii-Classic Controllers are compatible with NES Classic.

The new system is a blast from the gaming history. It’s not the primary all-in-one gaming package. Gamers still remember the Atari in the flashback that offered a classic era of games loaded with complete entertainment. The games keep coming with variations in its graphics and the hardware employed in their make. A lot of NES games can be seen within this category and the company has widened this aspect by opening its catalog to gamers with many generations of hardware like Wii-U and Wii. The makers are hopeful that the new system will attract gamers in the same way as the original house did in the past.

One of the representatives from Nintendo said the main thing to be watched after the new system’s launch is the quality of the execution. The engineers and game designers have put their best to provide gamers the opportunity to revisit the original system.

As earlier said, it’s a mini replica of the original game system; the imitation for such games requires being spot-on. Any sloppiness will make the target audience feel short-changed immediately. However, Nintendo is a huge name in the video gaming industry and gamers are expecting flawless renditions of the games to come up with the NES Classic Edition.


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