Microsoft is Killing its Zune Service

Microsoft is Killing its Zune Service

Microsoft is Killing its Zune Service

Microsoft made the announcement that it will be pulling the plug on its Zune service on 15th of November this year. After this date, the software giant said that users will not be able to download content or stream music from Zune. Also, it said that if license renewal was not successful, the content bought with DRM would also not play. However, the MP3s and the Zune device that users have will continue to function normally.

In addition, subscribers of the company’s Zune Music Pass service will be shifted to the Groove service of the firm, which works with Windows 10, Xbox One, iOS and Android. The users who have subscribed to Zune’s three month or monthly plan will also be moved to the Groove subscription plan, which charges $9.99 every month. As far as yearly subscriptions are concerned, they will be converted to the yearly GrooveMusic Passes, which are about $90.9.



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