Sony Xperia X Review: Phone Specifications and Features

Sony Xperia X Review: Phone Specifications and Features

Sony Xperia X Review: Phone Specifications and Features

Sony Corp is not in such a precarious position such as the likes of BlackBerry or HTC due to its diversified businesses, but there is no denying that the company is having trouble keeping up in the mobile world. Instead of going ahead with the Z series, Sony has now moved onto an Xperia X branding and the Sony Xperia X is the mid-ranger of the new line. It shows that the company is willing to go back to the drawing board, but the price tag of $549.99 is an indicator that they have set the bar high. Nonetheless, with the Xperia X is actually a mix of the old and new as the company tried fixing some of the mistakes they made with the Xperia Z5.

The Xperia X is unique in several ways as the front glass flows seamlessly towards the sides, which gives the phone a beautiful effect. They have eliminated the old modular corners and the frame is now a single piece. The lanyard cutout is also gone along with the Xperia insignia on the side. Basically, the phone boasts a very distinctive, clean and attractive exterior. It has a 5-inch panel with an IPS LCD that has about 1080×1920 pixels, but there is a mix up with the color temperature as it is very high.

Sony Xperia X Review: Phone Specifications and Features

However, the minimum and maximum brightness is of great quality, which enables you to enjoy a great experience. Sony has chosen to follow its policy of skinning Android like other phones and the Xperia X is running on Marshmallow thereby it is an ultimately understated yet friendly execution. The same minimalist UI is used in HTC phones, but they are a tad attractive than Sony’s. Regardless, the Xperia X has some standout features, which include double tapping the screen for waking it or putting it to sleep. They have also changed the iconography in the Settings menu, but the new style doesn’t have much impact.

Sony has also taken a page out of Apple’s book and enabled you to search for apps quickly by choosing to just swipe down anywhere on the home screen. The phone does have some essentials like call barring and call forwarding along with T9-keypad support. There are also Smart call handling features that allow you to reject a call by just shaking your phone and accepting calls by putting the phone to your ear. The most unique feature is the Xperia Answering Machine and this is drastically different from the voicemail feature of your carrier.

This feature works in the same way as old answering machines where you can record a message, which is played when a caller is connected. The other side’s message is recorded for later hearing. The smartphone runs on the hexa-core Snapdragon 650, which provide it with satisfactory load times and buttery navigation. Also, the phone is also good for gaming with this processor. It is a good fit for your browsing needs and you have the option of expanding storage as there is microSD card support available.



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