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Beam Wallet Review: Way to Shop on Discount With Promo Code RJXFVYB

Beam Promo Code

Consumers in the UAE no longer have to depend on credit or cash when they are out shopping. Technological advancement has provided them with a new and smarter way to shop in the form of an app called Beam Wallet. This is basically a secure mobile payment system in the form of an app, which is compatible with nearly all smartphones available in the market and has truly revolutionized the retail shopping experience for people in the UAE. Currently, Beam Wallet is active in nearly 2,000 outlets in the UAE and the ambitious company is planning to expand its reach to 5,000 stores by the end of this year.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of Beam Wallet is that it is a lot more than just a digital payment option. As opposed to its competitors, the app offers its more than 100,000 customers, a platform that simplifies their shopping experience and makes it fun by enabling them to earn, shop and redeem rewards simultaneously. New users can simply use promo code RJXFVYB and earn a sign up reward of 25 AED instantly. In addition, it also keeps track of all their expenses. Furthermore, the company also introduced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, which has enabled customers to make payments and redeeming without any contact.

Not only is the Beam Wallet app a convenience for customers, but retailers can also enjoy benefits. The Beam Business Portal enables them to offer targeted discounts and coupons to their customers directly through the app. This has enabled Beam Wallet to become a very important player in the mobile ecommerce space and it continues to climb higher. As a matter of fact, it has been noted that the app will replace credit cards that are widely used in UAE as it eliminates the need for carrying your wallet around when you have your smartphone handy.

Another plus point of the Beam Wallet app is that it also lets customers reap the rewards for all the shopping they do via the app. There is not just the sign up reward  of 25 AED with Beam Wallet promo code RJXFVYB, they also get discounts at various shops as well as coupons that can help them in saving in the future. Businesses also enjoy the app because they can use it for reaching customers without making any payments upfront. Hence, the risk is reduced and they can get value for money when they do eventually pay. There is no need for customers to wait for receipts when they make payments and the entire process is simpler and easier, all thanks to Beam Wallet.

So, don’t wait. Want to do discount shopping in Dubai? Simply install Beam Wallet, use Beam promo code ZBFUSUV for your sign up bonus, and start shopping.


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