5 Mobile Security Issues to Avoid in 2016
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5 Mobile Security Issues to Avoid in 2016

5 Mobile Security Issues to Avoid in 2016

Each year mobile technology improves, and each year threats to your information become more sophisticated. The best way to continue to protect yourself from unwanted threats still remains to download a comprehensive security software that monitors unwanted activity.

As we approach the New Year, here are 5 mobile security issues to be aware of in 2016.

  1. Malware attacks

Each year more and more systems are devised to gain entry to mobile devices from afar. The principal concern in any technological format is the presence of unwanted malware, which can do everything from gumming up the system to sharing personal information.

Researchers see mobile malware as a growing problem particularly as more banks and retailers switch systems over to mobile platforms. Mobile apps can be a chief way that malware enters devices.

  1. Open network access

As more and more service providers and businesses offer free WIFI to customers, the information on your mobile device becomes more and more vulnerable to being seen by those who use open networks to access devices using those networks. Be wary of joining open networks, and never use them to share personal or financial information that you wouldn’t want others to see.

Many mobile devices can automatically join available networks, so you may not even be aware of how often your device is connected to one. Keep track of what wireless networks your device automatically joins.

Similarly, lock your WIFI at home, so that when your mobile devices automatically connect you can be sure the network is safe.

  1. Mobile app vulnerability

With more smartphones and tablets on the market each day, it is easy to forget that unwanted app access can be a major factor in mobile device security. It may be as simple as kids having access to billing info through a marketplace, or as complex as allowing someone access to information stored on your cloud. App lock software can be helpful in protecting your apps from prying eyes. Review Leo Privacy Guard and other app lock options to boost your mobile security.

  1. Payment problems

Businesses and individual sellers are finding the convenience of processing payments from their phones, but require a third-party app to do so. As more and more of these crop up, they become an enticing target for malicious threats.

Similarly, many retailers with online presences are allowing more accessibility to shop on mobile devices, which again opens you up to weaknesses in many areas, from payment processors to shipping fulfillment.

  1. Easy extortion

One of the top predicted growing security threats in the next year is that thieves will find new ways to extort people into giving them money. Mobile devices become particularly susceptible because there is often a lot of personal contact information that can give savvy extortionists a credible sound, whether the attack is personal or corporate.

Furthermore, researchers believe that the easy access to social media on mobile devices can quickly trick users into giving personal information out.


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