Should Law Firms Turn To Inbound Marketing?

Should Law Firms Turn To Inbound Marketing?

Should Law Firms Turn To Inbound Marketing?

Lawyers have relied traditionally on conservative outbound marketing effort to get new clients and leads. Outbound marketing strategies such as billboards, radio spots and television ads reach lots of people; however, they are not as efficient as inbound marketing ways. Inbound marketing is found to be making waves in business community and all the savvy lawyers are taking a note of this latest trend that is reaching a typical tipping point quickly.

The natural worth of inbound marketing tends to be such that prospective clients will come to you. Rather than investing large amount of money on costly outbound marketing strategies such as TV commercial, inbound marketing is smarter use of any law firm’s marketing budgets. Inbound marketing efforts emphasize on attracting business of a region most inclined to really benefit from a firm’s services. It uses search engine optimization, e-mail, social media, and other avenues in order to draw interests from those who actively are seeking out the firm’s exclusive services.

As inbound marketing is delicate form of marketing that is not imposing, pushy and loud like outbound marketing ways, it has the latent to become a great gold mine. Potential clients are more receptive to the law firms/lawyers that they think they “stumbled upon” when searching the Internet, reading e-mail or checking social media. There is a bleak contrast between inbound marketing and “in your face” way of traditional outbound techniques. Attorneys who wish to make inroad with prospective clients are better served by using friendlier and toned down inbound marketing ways.

Multiple Channels

When it comes to particular inbound marketing ways, the list is ever evolving and extensive. A few of the most flourishing inbound marketing campaigns part resources across several channels. This strategy boosts firm’s exposure, which generates significant interest along with invaluable word of mouth marketing in turn. Of main importance is the law firm’s website content. Any regularly updated and professional looking website with active blog will be able to present the law firm in a very positive light while enhancing its SEO. Other inbound marketing ways include e-mails correspondence, Google AdWords, podcasts, online videos and social media accounts,. These are all the sources that clients will discover by themselves as they are driven by digital contents.

Automated Marketing

While the law firms and lawyers are now warming up to the inbound marketing, the ones on the avant-garde of technology have identified the great value of automated marketing. It empowers law firms and lawyers to interact with prospective clients through online medium without investing considerable time, effort or money.

The interactions here are automated but enough informative to recruit prospects successfully. Automated marketing allows law firms to protect its manpower for real case work rather than fielding general inquiries which a computer can easily answer with same level of precision. It also identifies people who are really interested in the law firm through software such as content management system, customer relationship management programs and e-mails system. For instance, whenever a prospective customer takes action on firm site, his information tends to be transmitted in the CRM system that triggers transmission of automatic e-mails to the prospect. So, this marketing way retains prospect data for future form of correspondence. It even can analyze prospect profile to determine what kinds of messages need to be sent to every unique demographic.

If lawyers or law firms are stressed with the budget and man hours associated with leads generation activities and attorney internet marketing strategies, they shouldn’t look further than inbound advertising and marketing automation. Such strategies can prove to be extremely efficient in discovering as well as even qualifying prospective clients.


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