Top 5 Things That Need To Be Done To Protect Your Blog

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To run a blog on internet sounds quite easy to those who have not had a chance to get their hands around this task. When you actually sit down and start thinking what needs to be done you realize the difficulties of starting a blog. Not to mention that starting a blog is one thing and making it known to people is another. However, all your efforts can go to waste if you have not secured your blog properly. It is quite shocking that many of the bloggers are not aware of the security tactics mentioned below.

Using Only Strong Passwords

It is in human nature that we think of everyone as we think of ourselves. You might think that your passwords are only revealed to you but that’s not true. Hackers are called hackers for a reason. They will try all entry points of your blog and weak passwords are the first thing they will target. Putting your child’s name or favorite common word as password is the biggest mistake you can make. Keep your passwords strong and keep changing them.

Securing Plugins Directory

This one is particularly important for those who have their blogs on WordPress. WordPress plugins directory can be easily accessed by entering the URL as blog/wp-content/plugins. This will show the hacker all of your plugins. Just do not give access to anyone to your plugins directory since it is not very important in the first place.

Updated Plugins And Blog Platform

Make sure the plugins you have on your blog are most updated. In addition to that, you have to ensure that your blogging platform is most updated too. For example, if you are using WordPress then ensure that your WordPress version is the latest version. Old plugins and WordPress are vulnerable to new security threats and not updating them makes you prone to hacker attacks. Another important thing here is to keep your blogging platform version secret from anyone.

Blocking Suspicious IP Logins

First, you should have a scripts installed on your blogging platform that lets only certain IP addresses, as specified by you, log in to your blogging account. Furthermore, there are several plugins available to block the IP addresses that have tried to access your blogging dashboard by entering wrong password many times. With these plugins you can specify the number of attempts after which the plugin will not let the same IP address log in to your account.

Say Goodbye To Bots

Now that you know most of how to start a blog, another important thing that you need to understand to protect your blog is preventing the bots from getting on your blogging pages. Bots are quick and they can exploit any vulnerabilities that are present on your blog. What you have to do here is block the access of bots in the first place. There are plugins available to you on your blogging platforms that allow you to hide your login page from bots. Another way is to add captcha to your login pages so the bots won’t get any access to your blog.


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