Using Keyword Research to Boost SEO Results

Using Keyword Research to Boost SEO Results

Using Keyword Research to Boost SEO Results

Lately we’ve noticed that a lot of website owners have been targeting keywords that are too broad and or generalized and we’d like discuss the idea behind the long tail keyword and how it relates to getting higher rankings through using an SEO service.

Long tail keywords that you get implemented using an SEO service are those that use 3 and 4 word phrases that are specific to products or services that you are selling. Whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase they tend to be looking for exactly what they are going to buy. In just about every case, specific searches are far more likely to convert to sales than generic searches customers tend to do prior to making a buying decision. That’s the most important aspect of good keyword research.

Let’s take a look at a specific example. Let’s say that your website is for your limo service which is based out of Los Angeles. At first you think that targeting the keyword ‘limo service’ is the best approach. After all by targeting the keyword with the larger search volume it should result in more traffic and conversions right? Wrong. When people search for limo services they typically attach the area in which they need the service, for example ‘limo service los angeles’. Therefore targeting keywords which are too short or broad can actually have a negative effect on your websites rankings and conversions. Not only will it take a much longer to rank for those keywords but it will also bring a lot of non-targeted customers.

Some webmasters tend to focus on the number of visitors headed to a website rather than analyzing the quality and conversions of those visits. Every website has some type of ultimate conversion goal, whether it is purchasing an item or signing up for a newsletter. Targeting a long tailed keyword will not only improve your opportunity to rank well but will also help with conversions. It’s best to think of it this way; would you rather have a keyword which sent you 1000 visitors and no conversions, or a keyword that sent you 100 visitors of which 15 converted.

Now that you understand the idea behind a long tail keyword here are some ways to choose great keywords. If your business services only a particular area, then it is best to add that area to your keyword, i.e. limo service vs. Los Angeles limo service. If you have a product for sale on your website than it is best to add action words to your keyword, for example instead of using the keyword ‘blue widgets’ use keywords like ‘buy blue widgets’ or ‘purchase blue widgets’. Adding these action keywords allows for you to capture the customer at the decision making stage of their online shopping experience. This will help the conversion rate of your website and allow for maximum earning potential.

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords:

  • Higher Conversions
  • Better Ranking Results
  • Higher Monetization Potential

How to Choose Longtail Keywords

  • Add Geotargeted Keywords (Cities, States, Countries)
    • Los Angeles Limo Service
    • San Francisco Italian Restaurant
  • Add Action Keywords (buy, purchase, reviews)
    • Buy Blue Widgets
    • Purchase Blue Widgets
    • Blue Widgets Reviews
  • Target Specific Products
    • Find items which are your top selling items and target those pages/keywords with the term purchase or buy.


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