Apple Watch Did Well on Launch Day

Apple Watch Did Well on Launch Day

Apple Watch Did Well on Launch Day

Last Friday, the Apple Watch finally went on sale and it was quite clear that supplies were usurped quickly. The units that had been readied up for the company’s official launch on April 24th gradually vanished from the iPhone maker’s website. However, the firm hasn’t provided any numbers regarding the units it has sold already. Nonetheless, research firm Slice Intelligence did provide some data regarding the success of the shiny new gadget from the smartphone maker. The firm has said that Apple did well with its first venture into Wearables.

The e-receipts of approximately 9,080 shoppers were studied and it was estimated by the research firm that the Apple Watch had been preordered in the US on Friday by a total of 957,000 consumers. An average of 1.3 watches were preordered by the Apple Watch buyers and they spent a sum of $503.83 per watch. The least expensive option was chosen by most consumers i.e. the Sport, which had a price tag of $349. It was also estimated by Slice that as opposed to the smaller 38 mm version, about 71% of the people preferred to purchase the larger version of 42 mm watch. The data gathered by the research firm doesn’t include the eight other countries where the Apple Watch went for pre-sale.

They include the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, France and Australia. As compared to the US, sales of the Apple Watch in these countries could be drastically different, particularly in China, where there has been a massive demand for Apple’s products. In contrast to the launches of other devices, it is interesting to note that about 270,000 units were sold of the first generation of the iPhone in the first 30 hours it had become available whereas only 300,000 units of the iPad had been sold on its first day.

But, it is important to consider that the launch of the Watch has been approached a bit differently by the Cupertino, California-based firm. Rather than letting the Apple fans to line up outside their shops on the day of the Apple Watch launch, the firm allowed them to preorder the device from the website last Friday. Regardless, as a whole, we still don’t know how the sales of the Watch are faring as compared to the iPad and the iPhone. The technology giant has made the decision of not including the sales of the wearable in its quarterly earnings report separately.

Instead, they have decided to lump it in the category of ‘other products’, which includes sales figures of the Apple TV, the iPod and other accessories. The early reviews of the Apple Watch appeared on Thursday and were mixed. The device was praised by many as the first smartwatch that had mainstream potential whereas many others encountered problems with the performance of the third-party apps on the device. Apple has promised that most of these software issues will be eliminated by the time the device is officially available to customers. Apple also launched its Mackbook with the Watch and it sold about 48,000 units.


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