Why Is Java Better Than Other Popular Programming Languages?

Why Is Java Better Than Other Popular Programming Languages?

Why Is Java Better Than Other Popular Programming Languages?

In today’s tech-savvy world, everyone is making continuous efforts to upgrade his/her knowledge base regarding different web programming languages. Java is one such programming language that has been successful in creating a benchmark in the world of web design and development. Through this blog, I’ll be emphasizing on the features that make Java a better choice as compared to a wide variety of other popular web programming languages.

  1. Java is an open source programming language

The term ‘open source’ means that anyone can choose to download the source code of the programming language and start off with the creation of fine-quality apps and websites. Java too is an open source programming languages that has been created by  Sun Microsoft, which has been overtaken by Oracle. Java’s source code can be downloaded for free, without the need for paying any license fee.

  1. Java is a secure programming language

It is the Byte Code concept that makes Java different from all the other programming languages available in the web market. Well, byte code is a simple set of symbols which have been generated after the compilation of different programs. This set of symbols is basically the encoded source code that can’t be understood by a human being but can only be converted into machine-readable code using the Java Runtime Environment. It is the Byte code loader which further loads the byte code into memory, followed by verification of Byte code by the Byte code verifier. Here, the byte code verifier will check for any additional symbols and code that actually doesn’t resemble the standards. In this way, all the Java byte code is being made error-free and highly secure.

  1. Java is platform independent

Platform independence means the respective software program can work on any computer irrespective of the software and hardware specifications. Likewise, Java is also a platform independent programming language which doesn’t keep the developer bound to restrictions in terms of RAM, processor etc. With complete freedom of running Java on any machine, the developer can fulfill all his/her key requirements in a fabulous manner.

  1. Java enables faster web development

Equipped with a JIT(Just In Time) compiler, Java serves as the best programming language for people who’re inclined on developing websites and web applications faster. This JIT compiler will store the repeated code in the system’s cache memory and instead of loading the code from memory, JIT will use the same from the cache memory.  The JIT compiler will save the developer’s time and enable him/her to execute the web programs within a small amount of time.

  1. Java comes with a tagline “Compile Once and Run Forever”

The very popular saying “Compile Once And Run Forever” holds true for Java. And yes, it has been possible only due to the existence of Byte code, which once generated can be easily re-used on a repetitive basis. Every operating system will then convert this byte code into machine-understandable code to offer you the desired output.


So that’s it from my side for now. Hope the details covered above would have helped you gather a clear understanding of the reasons backing the ultimate popularity and demand of Java Web Development Services.


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