Tame that Monster Company Cell Phone Bill
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Tame that Monster Company Cell Phone Bill

Tame that Monster Company Cell Phone Bill

If you are looking to cut a few corners in your company expenses, take a look at your company cell phone bill. You may not realize it but you may be spending thousands of dollars on services and features that you don’t need or want. Here are a few ways you can save money on your bill.

Assess how much you use your phones

You need to include the hours you spend on the phone, the average text messages sent per day and even your surfing hours on the Internet. If it’s too troublesome for you to check your bills one by one, you can go to online cell phone bill assessment websites. For a fee, they will analyze your cell phone bill for you and may recommend cheaper plans.

Only give phones to those who need them

Some employees may not necessarily need an iPhone or Blackberry especially if they are always in the office. Your field employees need the mobile phones more. An office line will do for employees who need to be in the office at all times. This is a good way to trim off fat from your company expenses. Even if you are not a struggling business, you can still benefit from the savings.

Review your plans

Some employees need less talk time than others. You can also disable web browsing if your employees spend enough time in the office to do their research or check their emails. Review those who have unlimited plans as they may not be using these plans to their full advantage. You can also block some features that don’t contribute to company growth. If you make a lot of calls abroard you might find that switching your phones to a VOIP system can save you huge amounts on your bill.

Exchange features

If you are deleting some phone features, be sure to check with your employees if there are features that they need to make their jobs easier and faster. You don’t want to be stifling your employees. You need that balance where they can do their jobs efficiently without going overboard with expenses.

Limit costs

Don’t allow your employees to make unlimited calls if they don’t have an unlimited plan. Set a limit and if he goes beyond that, he should be audited. You can also tell them that any excess in the set amount will be deducted from their salaries. If they really need to go overboard then they should submit a request detailing who they are calling and what needs to be discussed with that person. Some calls may not be work related and you don’t want to be paying for those.

Consider going prepaid

Prepaid plans are simple. They are also less expensive. This is great for employees who need a phone for a project or a limited time only.

Pool your minutes

Instead of paying for individual minutes for each employee, pool your minutes. Your bills will be simpler and savings will be better. If you can sign up under one carrier, you can negotiate your plan better.


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