Basics of Web Programming Services
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How Web Programming Services Work

Basics of Web Programming Services

When you turn on your computer, the first thing that happens is that your computer starts to load the operating system that has been programmed to run whenever the power button is pressed. You have the option to click a particular key on your keyboard to enter the BIOS, but if you don’t, your computer automatically boots and takes you into the operating system. While entering the operating system, your computer loads all the necessary drivers, programs and files that should be running for you to successfully work on your PC. This process takes place the same way every time you switch on your computer, because it has been programmed this way.

When you program something, you actually make it follow a particular command given to it. A programmed device or application will not change its course unless something wrong happens. The web programming is done the same way where programmers develop numerous orders that respond to the queries and activities performed by the website visitors. Be sure not to confuse the concept of programming with designing.

Basics of Web Programming

While running an application on your computer, you give it certain commands. For instance, you press the ‘Play’ button on your media player and it plays the music. You drag and drop the songs in its playlist and it creates a songs’ list for you. You perform countless commands on various applications installed on your computer and in response, each application does what it is programmed to do.

When it comes to web programming services, things are far different. You access websites from servers that are not present in front of you and you can’t touch those servers. The first thing that has to be done by programmers is to enable the browser to understand certain language, so when the users type in a query, it is able to understand. The programmers need to program the websites and web services, so they can work from user’s end. There are certain languages used for programming the user’s end and its queries. Most commonly used languages include HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flex, AJAX, etc.

Since the servers are the recipient of the requests, they need to understand certain languages as well. However, the languages used to program the server end are different. Due to the increasing demand of interactive websites, the use of more sophisticated languages has increased. With such languages, dynamic and database-powered websites can easily be developed. These advanced languages that are used at server end include ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Perl, and several more. These can either be open-source or proprietary languages, both enjoying their specific share of application in web programming. The communication between the user and the server is built by using these languages. If there is some error on any of the sides, users will not be able to browse on the internet.

So there’s a big difference between web programming and web designing, but they are often confused by a lot of people. Web programming is the backend work done on websites, so users on the internet can browse on a website and use its features. Most of the features that we use today on different websites are developed by professional programmers. For example, the features of a social networking website include connecting with new people by sending friendship requests, accepting requests from people, chatting, sending virtual gifts, etc., which cannot be created just by any web developer. For instance, people who develop websites using online web-builders cannot develop such complicated web features. Another example of perfect programming is Google Maps.


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