Six Signs you Need To Upgrade Your Android Phone

Six Signs you Need To Upgrade Your Android Phone

Six Signs you Need To Upgrade Your Android Phone

Everyone prefers investing in high-quality smartphones, offering promising features since mobile technology is evolving rapidly. With all this, you also expect your phone to last several years, making it worth the money. As time goes on, you will notice the phone losing its shine, although you are taking care of it. Thus, the need for replacing the device becomes inevitable as using a slow or damaged phone is time-consuming.

Smartphone prices have come down, but it doesn’t mean replacing your phones is cheap. You still have to pinch pennies to cough up money on this expense. Start noticing the performance of your phone to determine whether it needs replacement or repairing can work. It is always good to sell your phone before it closes its eyes, saving you from the threat of losing data and documents.

Unfortunately, there is no full-proof way of predicting when your phone will pass away, but you can make rough judgments about it. If you notice the following six signs, consider it to be the time of upgrading your android phone.

Battery Draining & Bulging

So how many times a day are you charging your mobile phone? Android phones come with fantastic batteries, making them last for more than 24 hours, depending upon your usage. Start worrying if you are charging your phone 5-6 times in a day. Similarly, if you notice the battery bulging, consider replacing the phone since it can be dangerous. It is a sign that chemicals are breaking down inside the battery. However, if you don’t have a budget for purchasing a new phone, you can replace your battery. You can take it to Samsung mobile repair in Singapore to find the battery for your smartphone model, eliminating short circuit threats.

Vertical Lines or Anomalies

All those sleek and delicate touch screens are one of the most straightforward components to get damaged. You might have saved your phones from drastic falls, but you can’t stop vertical black lines coming on the screen. It usually appears due to some internal glitch, damaging the screen. Even though it doesn’t impact the functioning of phones, sooner or later, you will witness the number and size of lines increasing. Hence, consider this to be a warning sign – opt for repairing or bow to fate and decide your next purchase.

Reboots Automatically

Did your phone shut down while you were surfing? Many android users complain of phones shutting itself down. For some people, it happens once in a blue moon, while others witness this problem daily. It indicates a problem with the battery or the phone’s internal processor, which you can only identify after getting it checked. Sometimes, it also happens because of the poor quality of apps you download, creating glitches in the background. Surprisingly, all such problems are repairable.

Crashing Apps

We are using machines made by humans, meaning they can’t be perfect. Some day or the other, you will witness uncertain glitches like odd app crashes. It doesn’t say you did something wrong with the phone, or the app is faulty. Usually, there is a compatibility issue that does not allow apps to run on every phone, especially the outdated ones. If you are facing these uneven crashes, your phone is asking for an upgrade.

However, if you are not using an old model, yet apps are continually crashing – it is a sign of a significant problem. Apps crash because of the demands they are placing on the phone, such as RAM or CPU. If these resources are not available, then apps would continue to crash. Likewise, apps also start hitting if the storage capacity is low.


Sometimes, you might feel heat generating in your hands while using the phone. Overheating is quite common in smartphones, but it reflects an array of issues. The real problem begins when your device is heating when you are not even using it, alarming you for something dangerous. Instead of ignoring the problem, refer to a repair technician who will identify what is wrong with it. If overheating is happening because of apps running in the background, you don’t have to find a replacement. Otherwise, if there is a technical glitch, battery infection, or hardware problems – you have to upgrade your phone.

Touch Screen is not Responding.

Is your screen taking forever to respond? Sometimes, android phones go cold to your touch, meaning no amount of swiping your tapping will get you a response. The phone misses your contact or, at times, even misinterprets it. You might be pressing the home button, but it is opening another window, ignoring your taps. If your phone is also taking minutes to register the clicks, it is a sign that you need a new phone. It is pretty much evident that the device is on the verge of retiring.

Final Thoughts,

Whether it is wear and tear or damage, no smartphone can last forever. Likewise, the components of smartphones also have limited battery life. You can delay these upgrades but can’t skip them, and to make this expense easy on pockets, don’t wait for your phone to go dead. Monitor these signs and take action right away.


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