6 Best Tumblr Tips & Tricks in 200
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6 Best Tumblr Tips & Tricks in 200

6 Best Tumblr Tips & Tricks in 200

One of the most popular styling websites since its inception, Tumblr seems to grow exponentially ever since day by day. And with over 130 billion posts and more than 300 million blog posts, it has a wide array of expertise to offer. But despite the mass appeal, it can be a little overwhelming and confusing for its consumers to use it to their full benefit. So we thought of bringing you the top six best Tumblr tips tricks and tools for your easy disposal of the site without any cumbersome searches consuming your precious time.

Tips tricks and tools to ease out the experience 

Let’s check a few of the tips tricks and tools that make the Tumblr experience a pleasant one.

Tumblr Saviour

Spams are not only dreaded in the mail but also on Tumblr as it can entirely spoil a day of blogging on Tumblr, and it does have quite often from time to time. Now what’s annoying about these spam are the clickbait articles that get triggered as per their convenience and that too multiple times within a short period. What’s even more annoying is the various tags that these articles are queued and strewn to

However, this handy and life-saving tool on Tumblr, known as the Tumblr Saviour, helps you protect from this unnecessary annoyance. All you have to do it to identify the one common thing in spam and blacklist it. That’s it, and you are sorted!


Reblogging is to avoid for longer posts

When we reblog a post-it, sometimes gives us a sort of ‘continue reading here’ post often rephrased right in the middle of the text. This usually happens for a longer post. Though this might be useful for some related topics that may be triggered to readers, often this is entirely unnecessary and annoying.

This can be avoided by just following a simple trick. All you have to do is to click on the dropbox icon on the upper right-hand corner, and from there you need to select the ‘reblog as full text’ option if you to reblog the full text of a long blog. 


Trust my paper

Now, this is an excellent tool when it comes to easing out your Tumblr experience. Trust my article contains fully functional services like that of editing and proofreading the posts that will be posted by you. This helps in getting rid of the stress and worry one gets after posting a long job. 


Music player for the perfect tuning

Though a popular way of customizing the Tumblr blogs used by many, yet it is understated and often ignored. Music, for many, is a personalized way of connecting to the audience as it speaks lengths about the writer. The blog gets a personalized touch when a music player is added to it. 

Also, adding in the music player saves you from the hassle of continually reblogging songs or music videos for your audiences to connect through. Further, you can easily download videos from Tumblr as no software is needed to take up the space of your devices.


Reblog instantly

Mostly, people dislike Tumblr because if you want to reblog anything you have to scroll through the posts again, which makes it quite cumbersome and tedious. Even though it doesn’t take much time yet, it is considered a wastage of time, and people using Tumblr wish for some more natural hassle-free way for it. Well, all you got to do is to hold the ALT key down while clicking on the reblog button and you instantly end up reblogging the post. Yes, it’s that simple!


Customizing the follow and share buttons

Don’t you ask your readers to share your articles to increase their viewership? Then make it easier for them to do so by just adding a share button to your post. For doing that, all you need to do is to visit the buttons option to view the option of customizing the follow and share buttons. 

Now decide on the design, and once you are done choosing that code is displayed. Next, open the Tumblr in a new tab, visit the settings and click on customize the theme. After that, you are redirected to edit HTML. Just copy the code you received earlier and paste it in your Tumblr theme code.

Even though Tumblr might seem a little daunting at times, believe us with the above tips tricks and tools you can make your Tumblr experience much pleasurable wanting you to visit as often as possible. These tips tricks and tools help you achieve the result you wish to with Tumblr in no time and with very little practice.

And as you explore through these tips and tools, you might discover your tricks that may help you to make the Tumblr experience even more pleasurable. So next time you feel overwhelmed while using Tumblr, don’t think about quitting it, follow these tips and tools, and you will be sorted!


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