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Cord Tissue Banking- What you Need to Know

Cord Tissue Banking- What you Need to Know

A baby’s umbilical cord comprises of tissues that are an abundant source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These are different than the types of stem cells that can be found in their cord blood. MSCs are important because they have the unique ability of rapidly regenerating, dividing and differentiating themselves into different types of cells. These are powerful cells that have shown a lot of potential in clinical research for conditions affecting nerve and muscle cells and cartilage.

This is one of the top reasons that more and more families are now considering the option of cord tissue banking. This means that the tissue left in the umbilical cord after the blood has been collected is placed in a sterile and protective storage cup. The stem cells are then extracted from the umbilical cord tissue and then they are stored for use in the future. But, why has cord tissue banking gained popularity?

First and foremost, it is due to the treatment potential of these cord tissues. There is considerable research that’s being done into their potential use for muscle, cartilage and nerve conditions, which include lung cancer, Parkinson’s disease, autism and sports injuries. The cord tissue stem cells have shown a lot of potential in this regard due to which an increasing number of parents are considering banking them for use in the future.

It is not just your child that can benefit from the cord tissue stem cells. They can also be useful for immediate biological family members as there is a 100% likelihood that parents will be compatible. As for siblings, there is a 75% chance and even grandparents have a 25% chance of being compatible. These stem cells can be used for repairing areas that have been inflamed or damaged due to disease, trauma or dysfunction.


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