One Secret Marketing that Dooms your Business to Success




If you still think that effective inbound marketing is aggressive sales, “a lot of power and pressure”, you should urgently reconsider your vision of the business. The era when goods were imposed, and people were driven, has long passed.

A company’s strategy may include training employees to persevere while communicating with customers, developing emotional advertising campaigns and attracting customers by manipulating their desires. But only focusing on helping people, satisfying needs and improving or simplifying their lives, is it possible to create a stable and strong business

Another thing is sellers who are afraid to sell, executives using black methods, marketers who promise non-existent advantages. If they manage to temporarily increase sales, then to retain the customer is guaranteed not. When company employees feel guilty about their product, they are unlikely to be able to convince consumers of this. It is the responsibility of all companies to consider psychology in marketing today.

How to sell any product, knowing the secrets of marketing?

Background. You – help to bookkeeping several organizations. Do it well and take 50 thousand Dollar a month for your services. At the same time, thanks to proper tax planning, save companies 150 thousand dollars. If you subtract your fee, the company saves a net 100 thousand dollars a month. Your cooperation is long-term, and during the year you save companies 1,200 thousand Dollar.

However, you do not aspire to cooperate with new companies because you think that most of the companies are beyond your capabilities (50 thousand Dollar a month). Now attention, question! Why do not you consider your value for the company, because you help them maintain a decent amount of money, and focus on their immediate costs? This is a clear example of how often we do not see the benefits of the client from a transaction with us.

So, the golden law of marketing: believe in your product! If you know for sure that buyers will benefit after servicing at your company, then you simply have to offer them cooperation.

According to inbound marketing books, the basic rule of inbound marketing is that if you want to sell a product, it is important to show the final benefits to the buyer. If your product or service is really useful, then without telling about them, you will condemn other people to lower-quality service or lower-quality goods at a higher price. Doom it! In other words, your embarrassment or an incomplete story about the benefits will eventually force people to take advantage of a less profitable offer, buy goods that are less useful to them, and use a lower quality service.

What to do to make the golden law of marketing work for you?

To begin with, honestly admit yourself, are you proud of your product? Is he worth it to use? Sometimes it’s hard for people to sell because of the belief that they force others to part with money in vain. But if you are confident in the quality, know that your product is the best, then change your mental settings. The goal of the sales department is to sell, the goal of marketing is to prove that the product is really worth it to purchase. Not to impose, not to deceive, not to hide flaws, but to present advantages as profitably as possible.

How to apply this marketing rule?

Get rid of remorse about your activities. There can be two ways.

You are good and know it.

Then answer your question why others do not know this, and you are afraid to tell them about it. Are you reporting? But if you tell your friends about the institution that impressed you, you will not be able to get them there the next weekend – by hook or by crook. Because they “must see it!”. If you are a seller, a marketer, or the owner of a company that is having difficulty promoting services or products, maybe you don’t want to prove the value of your product to your customers? There is only one advice – to reconsider your thinking. Successful marketing or sale is impossible without faith in the goods being sold.You are not sure that your activity is useful.

And your conscience here is a deterrent. Do not try to drown out the inner voice. If you do not like the product, you understand that the success of the company’s marketing (if possible) will be built on false beliefs, is it worth it to engage in such activities? Awful effect of an aggressive advertising company with bonuses, discounts and other tricks of the early stages of product promotion is possible. And what to do next when the consumer realizes the futility of your product? Word of mouth or personal experience are the staunch opponents of one-day goods.

Successful marketing of a company is based solely on the uniqueness and usefulness of the product and the achievement of a long-term effect. First, make sure that your offer to people is unique, useful and that you personally do not cause rejection. Take a simple test and ask yourself if you would buy the product yourself. Is it so high-quality and useful that you are not ashamed to recommend it to a close circle of friends?

Consciousness Marketing

Do your work so that you are not ashamed of it – today, for some reason, some people still ignore this important marketing rule. Sometimes people do not want to change jobs and apply for higher positions because they understand that they are not so good for this position. With such an attitude to the matter, it is natural that the place will go to another applicant, by the way, who does not necessarily have higher competencies. Rather, one who is confident in his abilities and focused on his own advantages.

And your item. He, of course, is good, but is there better? This is obviously a losing tactic of thinking. No is better – there is your product useful, qualitative and necessary for people. Why are you depriving them of the opportunity to take advantage of it?

There are no marketing secrets, there are rules!

And the most important thing to do is ask yourself a series of questions.

What can I do to improve my product or marketing strategy? What can I introduce new? What stops me from confident promotion of goods in the free market? Is there something I prefer to hide? In this case, the success of marketing will directly depend on how you changed the offer, which introduced the improvements. Creating the value of the product, you kill two birds with one stone: your confidence will motivate you to more actively promote the product, which will also help other people. Then there will be a correlation of factors influencing each other.

Where to start applying this main law of marketing?

Realize the real value of what you do. Without taking into account the psychological aspects, all attempts will be several times less effective. Honestly answer the question of why you are ashamed to sell or offer something. How does your conscience feel after the transaction or on it: are you ready to tell all the nuances of the transaction or prefer to remain silent about something? Sometimes this is due to shyness and wrong beliefs. But sometimes the proposal itself needs changes. Are you really selling worthy products and services?

When you realize that the success of inbound marketing depends primarily on the importance of the product for you personally and on the benefits that it brings, only then your marketing strategy will begin to bear fruit.




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