How SSD is Superior to HDD and Why SSD Hosting is the Best?
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How SSD is Superior to HDD and Why SSD Hosting is the Best?

How SSD is Superior to HDD and Why SSD Hosting is the Best?

Over the years technology has revolutionized by a large scale presenting us with the sophisticated gadgets and machinery we know of today. You can now buy cheapest domain in India and hosting services at an affordable price. There are however stumbling blocks to the progress of technology inclusive of factors like mechanical HDDs whose main problem is their mechanical parts. SSDs, unlike HDDs, solely depend on the electronics without moving parts. This makes them more efficient and faster almost the same as how USB drives function. Find out more details on how this type of hosting works and how it can benefit your website today.

The performance of an SDD is measured using IOPS depending on the nature of SDD being used. Since some are made to be read-intensive, they may measure up to about 15000 IOPS while the write-intensive ones may measure up to about 75000 IOPS. This option has merits and demerits too as discussed below. The only discomfort when it comes to using this type of hosting service is the ultimate cost of services which may cripple you financially. However you can look for cheap SSD hosting services when you buy cheapest domain in India. 

Four Times Faster Compared to Alternatives 

HDDs rely on their discs to spin and find the data necessary to load a website by using the magnet head to do it. Now even though this takes seconds longer, you may still see the value of improved speed when in need of fast speed for your web-based projects. This is the value that SSD brings to your business since its functioning is almost similar to how USB drives work. SSD drives do not consist of any moving parts and that makes tracking of information very much easier and faster. This improves your working speed and efficiency in the completion of web based projects. 

It is Eco-Friendly  

With more advancement in the technology levels in different parts of the world comes the need to use energy conservatively. Since more gadgets and electricity depend on power to function, we have to be watchful of how the devices we use in order to cut down energy bills.  HDDs use more energy to rotate the discs and also more energy to commence the cooling process. At the end of the day, SSD will use 80% less power compared to HDDs considering no energy is wasted on moving parts. By using energy sparingly you save more in terms of monthly costs.  

You Can Rely on It 

Those users who have accidentally dropped HDD hard disk have experienced the irreversible loss of data in the hard disk rendering it useless. Rather than going through the process of replacing your hard drive from time to time, why not consider a cost-effective option that is safer and more secure. SSDs are less susceptible to damage from falls so you would not worry about data loss whenever an accident happens. Since they have no moving parts you can trust them to safely hold your data securely ready for your retrieval from a hosting provider. Consider an option that works for you perfectly. 


Whenever data transfer is underway any slight movement could disrupt the entire process leading to time wastage. This alternatively makes the process much slower and who knows what doing this repeatedly could do to the hard drive. Guarantee your data transfer process to completion by considering SSD hard drives that do not rely on magnetism to transfer data. Storage and transfer of data are therefore not only made faster but also secure making the entire process more stable. This is one quality of SSD which guarantees a smooth user experience for the visitors browsing on your website when you opt for SSD hosting.  

Improves Business Performance  

Businesses depend on the speed of service delivery to clients. Client satisfaction is key for any business and SSD guarantees your customers smooth experience when browsing and that is very essential for the success of your website. Remember it is this experience that determines whether or not clients will make purchases from your website. HDDs will only drag your website’s speed worsening the user experience and driving customers away from your site. 

In Conclusion  

It is almost naturally assumed that SSD is the future of storage which goes without saying much. Do your research today on the various options at your disposal before deciding to proceed with the plan to outsource experts who can assist you with the domain set up and hosting solutions. Setting up is besides easy because you will be all good to proceed in a matter of minutes. The speed is also way better since HDDs use about 20 milliseconds to load data for the website visitors while SDDs cuts that almost by 80% taking 0.2 milliseconds to give the visitors what they need. It is time you took your business the technology way and cease using the traditional storage options. 


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