4 Reasons You Should Get a Virtual Phone Number
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4 Reasons You Should Get a Virtual Phone Number

4 Reasons You Should Get a Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers are incoming phone numbers that you can choose to have linked to your existing phone line. There are some great advantages to using these numbers. Keep reading to find out more.


If you want to mask your phone number, or need to give out your contact information publicly but don’t want to distribute a personal cell number, a virtual phone number can be an economical solution. You can send and receive calls from this number, all while using your existing call hardware. So, if you are conducting fieldwork or a graduate research study, sign up for a free virtual phone number so you can keep work or school separate from your personal life.

No Boundaries

Because they are not tied to a geographic location, you can choose any area code or exchange that your provider offers no matter where you are physically located. This means that if you have recently moved, you can set up a virtual number for people back home to call you without incurring long-distance charges.

No geographic location also means you can have calls sent to virtually any type of device. If you want to set up call forwarding to your cell, go ahead and do that. Would you rather get calls at home on some days? Look for a service that lets you change where your number connects. Keep in mind, though, that many of these are dependent on internet or cellular service, so you want to make sure the connection quality is high enough to allow clear communication.

Local Presence

Another nice thing about choosing the area your virtual phone number is associated with is that you can set up a local presence. This can be important for a business owner who wants to give the appearance of having a local office, especially if they are trying to break into a new market. However, individuals moving to a new area may also want a local number to give out to new friends or coworkers. The reality is, many people are more likely to answer the phone for a local call than a long-distance one.


Virtual numbers are an affordable option if you need a second phone number. They are often much less expensive than adding another traditional phone line, which makes them attractive options for those looking to establish a home office.

If you are considering adding a second phone line to your system, it is worth looking at virtual phone numbers and how they can help you. For many people, the offer a flexible and affordable alternative to a traditional land or cellular line.


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