10 Simple Steps To Boost Your Domain Rating 2019
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10 Simple Steps To Boost Your Domain Rating 2019

10 Simple Steps To Boost Your Domain Rating 2019


Every business looks forward to enhancing its online visibility and making its presence dominant in the market. There is plenty of ways through which companies can increase their online visibility. Search engine traffic is one such important aspect that helps in increasing the online presence of a business. 

It is quite a known fact that SEO is the strengthening pillar for businesses that helps in amplifying the search results and augmenting brand position in the market. It’s never too late to hire possibly the best SEO company in Chandigarh that extends their quality SEO services to leverage the potentials of your website. 

There is plenty of ways through which Google ascertains the search ranking of your website. One of the most used ways is determining the domain authority of a website.

What is Domain Authority And How To increase It?

Domain authority is nothing but metrics created by Moz that helps in predicting the performance of websites on search engines. 

Take a look at the below amazing ways to amplify your domain authority.

Choose an Effective Domain Name

Deciding the domain is the first step towards making your domain authority stronger. Choosing a domain name is not as simple as it may sound. Choose a domain name that has some relevance with your website. It is also advised to look for names that are easy to remember. 

Optimization of On-Page

Your web content is the most relevant part of your brand. What you write in your content makes a significant difference in how your customer perceives your brand and search engines grabs your page. Hence, it is important to optimize your on-page content and strengthen your domain authority. From fonts to the length of the content, everything is important in increasing domain authority. 

Create content That is Linkable

Getting high-quality links from several domains proves to be helpful in increasing your search engine presence. Create quality content that can be published regularly. The better your content is, the more are the chances of getting links from authoritative sites. 

Take Care of internal Linking Structure

Many of the websites are focused on getting external links and often forget about the relevance of internal links. Internal links are extremely important to direct visitors instantly to what they are looking for that enhances the customer experience. 

Eradicate Bad and Toxic Links

You must constantly check your link profile and make necessary changes. Remove all the links coming from bad sources that will negatively affect your domain authority. Thoroughly check your site and make sure there are no such links hampering your domain authority. 

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

A majority of online customers access your site through their mobile devices. Hence it becomes essential to optimize your site and make it mobile-friendly. If your site is not responsive, you will end up losing your content. So make sure your site is completely mobile friendly. This will eventually result in enhancing your domain authority as well.  

Dominate Your Niche

It is important to become an authoritative name in your niche if you want to increase your domain authority. This can only be achieved by developing engaging and innovative content and driving followers to your brand.

Accelerate Your Loading Speed

The more time your site will take to load, the more you will start losing your credible customer eventually diminishing your domain authority. Increase the loading speed of your webpages and optimize them as much as possible. 

Promote Your Site Through Social Media

Social media holds great significance in today’s digital world. Make sure to promote your content on all social media sites to gain a competitive edge in domain authority.

Make Your Permalink Concise

Permalink also creates a significant difference in your domain authority. Try to make your permalink as crisp and short as possible. You can also customize your permalink according to your website, and this will give your site a more personalized approach.

SEO is not anymore an optional business process; it has become the most important procedure to strengthen brand position in the market. Domain authority is a metric developed by Moz that Google uses to determine the search ranking of your website. It helps in determining the search ranking of the website. 

Businesses try different methods to increase their domain authority. The above mentioned are a few tips you can use to increase your domain authority and realize the benefits of effective SEO. 


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