Flexible Packaging Popularity Sees Continued Growth
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Flexible Packaging Popularity Sees Continued Growth

Flexible Packaging Popularity Sees Continued Growth

Flexible packaging is used for a growing number of products, especially food products. It’s the second biggest form of packaging, after corrugated paper, and makes up 19% of the packaging industry within the United States. It is popular both among consumers and companies for its many benefits, which range from practical to environmental.

Snack Packaging Reflects Consumer Preferences

ePac beef jerky bags are designed to preserve all the qualities that make jerky delicious. The smoky, savory aroma is delivered at its best when packaging keeps air and moisture out. An airtight seal is vital to keep snacks fresh until opened, and most bags now feature resealable openings that keep cookies, crackers and more from becoming stale. In a consumer survey by the Flexible Packaging Association, the ability to reseal a package was the most popular packaging feature.

Convenient, Practical Features

Frozen food packaging is another area where flexible packaging stands out as the most practical option. In most consumer’s freezers, spaces is limited, which makes space-saving packaging especially valuable. The laminated films used to make up pouches and other flexible packages also stands up to ice and moisture well, much better than cardboard or paper options. Packaging can also feature convenient features such as spouts or tear-away corners.


Flexible packaging is on average 23% lighter than other forms of packaging, which makes a huge difference in terms of transportation and storage. Since pouches are efficient in holding as much product as possible, they save space during shipping and they also produce less waste during production. They can also take fewer trucks to transport, resulting in fewer carbon emissions and a lower shipping bill. Overall, they save space and can be produced using sustainable methods.

To stay on the cutting edge of packaging, try using flexible packaging for its benefits as a practical choice on the distribution end as well as on the consumer end. The focus on innovation for packaging production means that improvements such as better sustainability and new features are frequently on the horizon.

Flexible packaging is much in demand these days and is increasing day by day. If you are not using it till now then its time to check it out and go for it in order to save good amount. It is really easy and comfortable to use flexible packaging and once you will go for it you will surely want to go for it again and again and you will not use any other method thereafter.

If you have least information about this packaging method then you can check out online and gain useful information before going for it. You can check out the reviews online and you will surely find it much popular and in demand these days. It is a great packaging method and solves many of the packaging problems which one faces with any other method. So, go for it without any delay and make your packaging easy and affordable. Why to go for any old method when you can use flexible packaging today.


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