Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

When it comes to aftermarket exhaust systems, you have two main choices: Magnaflow and Flowmaster. These two companies are very similar, but there are a few ways they differ. So which one is the right choice for you? This guide explains the aftermarket performance parts you can receive from each and what their unique benefits are.

What Is the Same?

First things first, consider everything that is the same between these two companies.

  • Both are operated in the USA

  • Both use stainless steel parts

  • Both specialize in exhaust parts

Additionally, both of these companies have been around for nearly the same amount of time. Magnaflow is slightly older, being founded in 1981. If you are looking for the company that has the most experience, Magnaflow is your answer.

What Is Different?

The best way to understand the difference between these aftermarket exhaust companies is to look at their philosophies. Magnaflow’s primary goal is to create exhaust parts that improve the vehicle’s performance as much as possible. On the other hand, Flowmaster parts prioritize reducing the noise of the exhaust system. Each of these has its own advantages, but ultimately it comes down to what you prioritize. For some truck owners, a quieter engine is not necessarily a benefit. If you want an engine that sounds as powerful as it is, Magnaflow is the way to go. Alternatively, you may not care about the noise your vehicle makes, as long as it is as powerful and efficient as possible. In this case, Magnaflow is still the best choice. However, if you are not concerned with squeezing every drop of power out of your vehicle and would rather have a quiet ride, Flowmaster can deliver.

What Causes These Differences?

By taking a look at these companies’ highest quality exhaust mufflers, you can see what causes these differences. Magnaflow’s muffler is a straight-through design, with packing material to muffle the sound, whereas Flowmaster’s muffler uses multiple chambers to trap and cancel the sound. The latter design is more effective at reducing noise, but the exhaust can build up in the chambers. This backs up pressure in the vehicle, which the engine cannot keep up with. The straight-through design of Magnaflow keeps the exhaust flowing quickly and smoothly. This is better for the engine, although less noise is absorbed. Once you know which type of exhaust philosophy suits your needs better, you can find all the aftermarket parts you want to make your vehicle truly match your style.