6 Smart Apps You Can Use For Your Fully Automated Home

6 Smart Apps You Can Use For Your Fully Automated Home

6 Smart Apps You Can Use For Your Fully Automated Home

The smart home industry is growing at an exponential rate and forecast shows that it will become a $58 billion industry by 2020. Home automation apps are downright cool and exciting. Twenty years ago, you wouldn’t have thought that you can view real-time security footage of your home while being at work.

Smart home tech holds power to improve our lives in multiple ways. Major companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon have identified public inclination. They are investing large sums in the home automation space. Besides them, innovative software developers are launching new apps that allow our homes to do things that we have seen in sci-fi movies.

If you are an advocate of home automation and you are willing to jump on the bandwagon, we suggest that you explore the apps closely. Be sure to keep an eye out for specific features that align with your lifestyle.

Here is a list of 6 home automation apps that can help you in structuring a seamless, automated place for yourself:

Samsung Smart Things

SmartThings enables you to control and connect different devices. The connection is quick and easy to establish. The app enables you to receive notifications about what is happening at home. You can control and monitor home appliances, television, and speakers registered on the server.

It is available on Apple, Google and Window stores for free. A compatible camera enables you to capture video footage of how devices are functioning at home. In case there is an unwanted entry or an unusual condition, the app sends you a notification. You can also configure your device settings that include operating duration and conditions.

myQ Smart Garage

For most people, a garage is a place where they store their expensive items like vehicles and lawn equipment. People are quite particular about the security of their garage.

Chambain recently created an app myQ Smart Garage that automates your garage. Some of it’s functions include:

  • To check the status of your smart devices in the garage and within your home. It can check the door status and temperature on the smart thermostat
  • To receive instant notifications for any activity by the smart devices such as when light bulbs turn on or off
  • To control the door and lights remotely. It also sets an automatic schedule so the garage door will open and close at a certain time.

This app not only monitors the garage door, but it also performs some other functions. Users can sync them with smart devices at home to cater to their multiple requirements.


This app pairs with Nest thermostat. Through this app, you can program and adjust temperatures in your home via the internet. Some other features of this app allow you to view things like energy consumption per day.

When the user gets to know about these things, they can create monthly reports. You can also craft a plan to become more efficient. You can set a detailed temperature schedule and even control the baby monitor.

Nuki Smart Lock

Can you imagine leaving your house without your keys? What will happen if you forget your bunch at home? You have to go all the way to a hardware store to get another key, correct?

The company, Nuki, was willing to help people get rid of this dependence. They created a smart app that can lock or unlock the house doors remotely. Instead of keys, your phone provides access to your home.

Some other features of this app include:

  • It locks and unlocks house doors automatically
  • You can create access codes for people whom you allow to enter your residence. It lets you grant them access for a specific amount of time.
  • The app will notify you when someone enters or exits your home
  • You can lock or unlock your doors from any part of the world

For excellent functionality, it is a requirement that the users should install. It has top-notch security features that tend to keep the doors locked until an authoritative personnel grants access. Their security algorithm works in the same way as those of AirG Spam free apps where protection of user data is of ultimate priority.

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IFTTT is one of the leading automation apps in the market. Initially, it was just for automation between apps and to set up simple processes with existing applications.

With the launch of home automation apps, IFTTT expanded it’s capabilities. It aims at establishing a connection between apps and smart devices. The procedures work by “if, then” statements. So you can set conditions for events like, “if the sunset is near, turn on the porch lights.”

It expands the possibilities and enhances your smart home devices even more. The beauty of IFTTT lies in the fact that you can make smart things happen your way.


Wink is one of the most popular hubs that ease your daily lives. It is a free app with simple to use solutions that enable your diverse collection of smart devices to interact in the same language. You can command lights, security and so much more with just one tap.

This app practically allows you to control your home from anywhere in the world. Not only that, but you can personalize the way your devices speak to each other. This system creates a series of shortcuts to regulate the entire smart home ecosystem.

Home automation is not an instant process. You have to start small and check how it works out for you. Begin by purchasing a single item and see if it makes things easy. Once satisfied, you can add new smart products later, sync them together and make things a whole lot easier for the entire family.