Inbound and Outbound Marketing Automation
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What Is The Difference Between Inbound And Outbound Marketing Automation

Inbound and Outbound Marketing Automation

The way people around the globe consume media has forced business to evolve the way in which they market to audiences. No longer do people simply get their information from the radio and television, there are many other avenues they can access information at rapid speeds. Inbound and outbound marketing tactics are used by many companies to get their message across on different platforms. This allows for the message to be potentially received by a larger audience than if you would have done so using a singular avenue of marketing.

Outbound marketing is seen as the traditional form of marketing and includes direct email, sponsoring events, using billboards, email blasts as well as telemarketing and media advertising. While inbound marketing might be labelled as the opposite of outbound marketing, this is not exactly true as inbound marketing in Gold Coast focuses on attracting customers by creating relevant and engaging content such as blog posts and videos that will lead to internet users seeking the company out instead. In a way, you entice your prospective customer by using content that is relevant and matters to them. Although there is a vast difference between the two marketing ideals, they serve a purpose which is to maximize exposure for goods and services that a business might offer.

Inbound marketing

Search engine optimization

A website is one of the first ways a potential customer will get to know about the businesses so first impressions absolutely count. So not only must a website be simple and easy to navigate through but also be interesting and engaging enough for a user. A website that is designed well and even an 80-year-old grandmother can use will bode well for future success and customers will find it easy to come back as they had no hassle browsing through it. Be creative about where the navigation menu is placed, have it floating or even following the user for easier access. A great user experience on a website is imperative to attracting more traffic.

Visibility on search engine result pages (SERP) is one of the most important aspects of a successful website. This is what all digital marketing agencies promise their clients and that is to rank high and rank well on searches. By doing so, more users who are after goods and services that your business offers or something similar, your website will be one of the options that search engines will serve to the user. However, to rank so well, the website must have its search engine optimization up to standard. This means creating content that starts with phrases such as how or why that is used by most people when searching and identify keywords that are used often on search engines as well as avoiding using questions such as the ones found in the Google answer box for example.

Work on that social media

Social media is one of the best ways a business can communicate and engage with their customers all around the world. Platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram enable a business to share content that is relevant and relatable to what their services. By doing so, the business gets to know who their market is, and it becomes easier to try and tailor what the business offers to make the customers happy. This will, in turn, mean people trust you and your product and this leads to more sales. With social media, it is the quickest way to assist your customers and join in on their conversations.

Inbound Marketing

Cold Calling

Cold calling is undoubtedly one of the most popular marketing strategies used by companies to sell their goods and services. Sales agents would have a list of contacts to connect with to try and get them to make a purchase. Although this strategy can lead to rejection, hung up phone or the call going to voicemail, the more calls you make the more chances of achieving success. And this is not all, you can also follow up on phone calls that you made a week or month ago for those who might have shown interest but could not make up their minds or decide at the time of the call. There are also some contacts you meet at exhibitions and other promotional functions that might want to learn more about your products or services.

Sending those emails

Sending creative and targeted email communications to your contacts is also another way to market the business. You might be able to generate interest from someone who may be curious about what you offer and needs more information. Email newsletters are just as effective in getting the word out about your products and services. This is also a way to advertise the business as the newsletter will look professional, have your brand’s colours, logos as well as personality. In an email blast sent to your contacts list with some discounts or specials on offer will surely interest a few potential customers to find out more. When done well and systematically, customers will look forward to your emails to find out if there is a way to obtain your services at a competitive price.

Print, radio and television

Although people are using the internet now more than ever before, that does not mean the traditional way people still consume information is irrelevant. Advertising on these mediums can be strong especially for local businesses that are fighting for every inch in a competitive market. By targeting local customers, you ensure that the costs of such advertising are kept at a minimum.

Inbound and outbound marketing automation can be essential for a business that is trying to find its feet and get its name out there. These tips listed should help you understand that done right, marketing your business on the internet or using billboards will be effective and the customers will come pouring in. To transform your life and digital in just 90 days and get digital freedom, Stone Gye is your guy.