What Factors Help You Know the Quality of a Diamond?

What Factors Help You Know the Quality of a Diamond?

What Factors Help You Know the Quality of a Diamond?

When you are out in the market looking for diamonds, there are two tests for you. First, you have to find out that the diamond you are about to buy is not fake. Once you are sure that the diamond you are holding is real, you have to prepare yourself for the second test. The second test is to find out the quality of the diamond. No, not all diamonds are equal. Here are some ways for you to know the quality of a diamond.

Ways to Know the Quality of the Diamond

The Weight of the Diamond

The first thing to know is the weight of the diamond. A diamond’s weight is calculated in carats. The higher the carats the more weight the diamond has. The more weight a diamond has, the more flawless it is. Do not fall for sellers who try to write a weight of 0.90 as 1 carat. When it comes to diamonds, that is a huge difference in price.

The Clarity of the Diamond

The next important thing to consider when buying a diamond is to look at its clarity. You want to get your hands on a piece that does not have any imperfections in the form of abrasive marks and spots. A pure diamond should be completely clear. If you notice that there is a chip in the diamond, it does not mean it is fake. It will just reduce the value of the diamond.

The Color of the Diamond

As amazing as the various diamond colors seem on TV, they are not so great when it comes to the quality of the diamond. The best diamond is completely clear and transparent i.e. it does not have any color. As you move from white to off white, yellow, and then brown, etc. you are going down in the value. Yes, the color the diamond can be special sometimes, just like in the case of red diamond.

The Cut of the Diamond

Cuts should be sharp and allow light to reflect and refract in all the possible angles. While the quality of the cut is an important factor in identifying the quality of the diamond, a first time buyer won’t know a professional cut from a non-professional cut. It is best to have a regular buyer with you in that case.

Highest Quality Diamonds Aren’t Far Away

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