Challenges Faced by WordPress Entrepreneurs
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Challenges Faced by WordPress Entrepreneurs

Challenges Faced by WordPress Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is being self employed with or without a team and WordPress professionals are sort of entrepreneurs as they develop applications or software products using WordPress. While those that are working in a firm or under an entrepreneur feel that the job at the top is that of ease and liberty. However, this is a myth as entrepreneurs have their own set of challenges that they must overcome in order to sustain in the business.

Struggles faced by WordPress Entrepreneurs

There are some very important issues or challenges that the WordPress developers have to face. These issues are discussed here:

Sustain Energy and Stay Motivated

When you are new in any business, the vigor and zeal to excel is superlative. You are highly energized and motivated. You look into all matters related to your business with equal zest and zeal. In other words, you are ready to take the world by storm. However, once you are into the business and some time has passed, it becomes difficult to sustain this energy and vigor.

Nevertheless, you have to keep yourself motivated and energized to stay in business. You can look for newer avenues in your business or can take up activities that ensure that you are doing something unique and valuable.

Keep Persistent

It is a known fact that those that are persistent are successful. The Iceberg Theory of Success explains this well. Just like the invisible part of the iceberg that holds the actual iceberg, you have to be persistent in your efforts so that the visible part of your business or the success that it has attained is visible. When you see successful people, you wonder what they do to be successful. The answer is being persistent.

As a WordPress developer or entrepreneur you need to be persistent to make your business a success. There might be times when you would feel that the software product is not unique or working as expected; it still needs work despite being in its fourth version; the investors are not much interested or you are constantly getting negative results despite chasing sales. All these factors can break your momentum. However, persistence is the key to success. You should not cease to stop putting in your efforts. Sometimes it takes a long time to win but at other times, the win could be just round the corner.

Generate Leads

Generating leads is a problem faced by many entrepreneurs and freelancers. However, to stay in business and to be successful, you need to generate leads and convert these leads to customers. There could be difficulty in finding clients but the situation is not hopeless. You can find different ways to generate leads as there is no single way that can be considered successful.

You need to build on relationships. You need to connect to clients and follow their journey. Using different digital marketing strategies and techniques can be helpful in getting leads.

Setting Prices

One of the most intriguing challenges that entrepreneurs in general face is that of setting the prices. You want to remain in business and therefore, you cannot charge more. However, you need to price your product such that it gets you enough to survive. You have to set the rates quite discreetly.

When you start as an entrepreneur, you need to work out whether you will charge by the hour or as per the project. Similarly, you will have to work out the other basics on which to base your rates. You need to understand the market and what other entrepreneurs are doing. Moreover, you should not consider this as a one-time activity as you need to review the prices regularly.

Giving Enough Time

It is very essential to give in quality time to make your business succeed. As a WordPress developer, you develop plugins and you are expected to give in more time to support or work on them. However, if you are not doing that but doing other things to survive, you are losing out on the prime motive of being an entrepreneur. Therefore, you need to divide your time and give in enough time to make your business a success.

Provide supporting products

One of the persistent problems faced by WordPress developers and entrepreneurs is that they find it difficult to provide supporting products with their applications. While developing software products is interesting and financially beneficial, working on supporting products can be a headache. However, in the WordPress or any other developer community, providing support is also essential. This becomes difficult for a freelance wordpress developer that works on writing codes and does not have the time to provide wordPress support services. Hiring staff for providing support services will eat away the margins unless you have a roaring business with quite a handsome turnover.

Solutions to the Mentioned Problems

Now that you are aware of the problems faced by WordPress developers, you need to work on them and keep them at bay. As far as giving time and providing support to your applications is considered, you need to work on them as per the requirements of your business.

To ensure that you get good sales, you need to give people what they are looking for and this is especially true for information and software products. You will find that people are readily available to pay, sometimes even more for things that are immediately required or will quench the immediate desires. In comparison, they will think about spending on products or services that are not immediately required but will give them long term benefits.


From what is given in the post, it can be easily summed up that problems are galore with any business and WordPress entrepreneurs are no different. However, you need to overcome the behavioral or emotional aspects of doing business and choose the middle path to obtain success as well as sustenance.

You need to love your work and work on that thing which you love. Only then will you be able to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Nirdesh love to write about tech and businesses since he owns a development company named Zedex Info Pvt. Ltd. located in India. His company serves clients across the world under as a brand name for WordPress support. He generally shares his experience, what he learned from his 12+ years long business journey to new entrepreneurs through his articles.