10 Future Advancements in Technology That Will Change the World

10 Future Advancements in Technology That Will Change the World

10 Future Advancements in Technology That Will Change the World
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The future is here, but there are still some big advancements that can be made in the coming decades. Everything from zero-size intelligence to surrogates and robots that are going to be roaming our same streets, there are some big technological advancements that are coming sooner than you know it. Keep reading on below, where we’re going to go through these potential advancements in technology and what they could mean for our society.

  1. Zero-Size Intelligence

With the rise of smaller and smaller microchips, we are going to be able to fit more information in a tinier space than ever before. Zero-size intelligence is going to seriously improve potential computing power.

  1. Moon, Mars, And More

Of course, one of the most obvious advancements that we’re going to make is heading back to the Moon, going to Mars, and even going beyond that. Space is the final frontier for us to explore and it’s definitely going to be part of our future.

  1. Neurohacking

One of the craziest predictions that we have is that one day in the future, we’re going to be able to read each other minds. This may seem too crazy to be true, but scientists are finding ways to read the brainwaves in your mind and translating that into speech and actions.

  1. Mass Data

Even if scientists don’t get access our brains, they will always have access to our data. With the rise of technology, more and more data is going online that includes your personal information. Everything from your medical history to what you search for on the Internet is stored and kept for the future.

  1. Quantum Control

Quantum control is basically use what we learn from physics and the tiniest of the tiny and applying this for computer applications. This makes the processing power of computers much faster than it is right now and will only lead to more advancements in the future. For example, with quantum control, RotorCopters will be more efficient than ever before.

  1. Youth Tech Movements

It’s been shown that our young people are much more likely to feel discontent over the current state of things and more likely to protest against the establishment. With the rise of everything from poverty to inequality and inadequate access to this new technology, there are going to many more youth tech movements and protests that could lead to anarchy or the overthrow of current governments.

  1. Nanotechnology & Nanomed

In about every single field, nanotechnology is making a huge impact on our lives. By manipulating items at their very smallest level possible, this is going to have huge impacts on everything from medical devices to how surgeries are conducted.

  1. Dark Networks

While the rise of technology and big data is great, this can also lead to the rise of dark networks of nefarious criminals and bad guys who can steal information and plan out large attacks in cyber space. This is something that everyone needs to be aware of as more and more of your personal information is put online.

  1. Universal Translators

A fantastic advance that will probably be made in the near future is the rise of universal translators. Everyone knows how difficult it is to speak with someone who doesn’t speak your own language. However, with the rise of technology, this problem is going to be solved sooner than you might think. Universal translators are going to make our lives so much easier by automatically translating your speech into the language of the person you’re speaking to.

  1. Avatars, Surrogates And Robotics

It may seem like the stuff of science fiction to have avatars and surrogates going out into the real world and interacting with people for you. However, with the current advances in virtual reality and robotic technology, this may be possible in the next couple of decades. Plus, robots will be able to take control of various industries that are now only able to be completed by humans.

And there you have it! When you think about the future, don’t think that it’s going to be the same as today. There are so many more advancements to be made that will completely change the game for humans.


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