3 Key Tips to Creating an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

3 Key Tips to Creating an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

3 Key Tips to Creating an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

Today, a marketing strategy will be considered incomplete without an online marketing plan. Having a website makes you accessible to a large market but only an effective online marketing plan can make you stand out and be visible amongst all your competitors. With more and more consumers relying on the internet to find a product or service, online marketing is a priority for big and small companies. Here are 3 tips to help you create a good marketing strategy.

Keep your website updated

For a potential customer, your website is their first impression of your products and services. Hence, invest in a good website that wows people and holds their attention. Pick a domain name that is easy to remember and can apply to both a local and international market. List the products and services you offer and update it frequently. Also, don’t forget to add links to your social media accounts.

Invest in content

Once you have a website in place, you must work to ensure that it is found by the right people. Since most people come across new websites through search engine results, you will need to incorporate relevant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords throughout your website. This can be done in many ways and one of the most popular ways of making your website SEO friendly is by using these keywords in blog posts and in your web page content. However, avoid stuffing too many keywords into your content to avoid being blocked by search engines like Google and Bing. If you need help finding the right balance look at SEO experts and online marketing strategists like Springhill Marketing and Plankton Digital.

Create a social media policy

Your business account isn’t the only form of representation for your brand on social media platforms. Pay attention to what your employees are saying about your brand as well and create a social media policy for everyone to follow. Given how difficult it is to take back something once it goes online, pay attention to every post you put out on the official pages and avoid participating in an online discussion until you know how it began and understand its background. Instead of simply sharing posts, focus on creating original content that your followers are likely to share and comment on.

Lastly, understand that the results of an online marketing strategy can take time to be seen and hence be patient and persistent.


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