7 Things Every Restaurant Manager Knows to Expect

7 Things Every Restaurant Manager Knows to Expect

7 Things Every Restaurant Manager Knows to Expect

Restaurant management is a multi-faceted position that requires you to be adaptable and quick on your feet.

Restaurant managers cover everything from public relations, inventory, staff, customer service, and much more.

A strong manager is essential for a successful restaurant as they ensure that every aspect of service runs together smoothly, mistakes are handled effectively, and customer service needs are being met.

1. Good Restaurant Inventory Software And Bookkeeping Systems Are Key

These systems allow restaurant owners and managers to track sales, cash flow, and all kinds of inventory. They can greatly simplify the day-to-day process of restaurant management.

In fact, a solid inventory software platform can serve as a sort of restaurant analytics for the restaurant in that they can help you track everything from inventory to what was popular on what day.

2. Unhappy Customers

Restaurant managers are great at handling customer complaints because they know that an unhappy customer can easily be turned into a happy one.

They might not agree with the customer’s complaint, but restaurant managers live by the phrase “the customer is always right”.

3. Multi-Tasking

Restaurant managers can expect to be busy with one thing or another, even when there aren’t many people dining at any given time.

A good restaurant manager will have their eye on the floor and their ears on the phone and be ready to jump from one task to another quite quickly.

4. Restaurants Need Advertising

Restaurant advertising has come a long way since the days of newspaper ads. Social networking is an excellent way for restaurants to grow their business and their client-base.

It’s important for restaurants both big and small to promote themselves effectively, and this task is often up to the restaurant manager.

5. Things Will Go Wrong

Not a day will go by where every customer is satisfied, every order is perfect, and there are zero broken dishes.

A good restaurant manager knows to expect these small issues and knows how to correct them quietly and efficiently.

6. Restaurants Need To Change And Adapt

Today, restaurant success is dependent upon many factors that didn’t exist in the past.

Restaurants today thrive if they adapt to the social networking world, build credible and high-functioning websites, and engage the online community by encouraging reviews, check-ins, and more.

Similarly, menus, service, and ambiance must also be tracked and changed as customers do. Restaurant inventory software is a great tool for keeping track of which plates are popular and which menu items can be removed or updated.

7. A Good time

There’s no doubt that restaurant management is a challenging and at times difficult position to hold, but you’ll be rewarded, as well.

Restaurants offer a fun and exciting work environment, especially when they are run smoothly.

The amount of planning it takes to run a restaurant smoothly can be overwhelming at first. It gets easier with experience and with good restaurant inventory software and planning systems.


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