Instagram Launches New Feature Of Adding Ads To Instagram Stories
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Instagram Launches New Feature Of Adding Ads To Instagram Stories

Instagram Launches New Feature Of Adding Ads To Instagram Stories

On Thursday, Instagram not only revealed its new user stat which reaches 150 million users on daily basis but also announced to launch ads incorporated in Instagram Stories. These ads are based on 5-second photo and/or 15-second video of different products that will be appeared between the stories of different people. Though,users cannot click them, they can still skip them with no trouble. Moreover, Instagram is also going to offer business accounts to analytics on the base of the impressions and the reach. These accounts will also have influence of replies and exits of users’ stories.

Instagram Stories claim to have the same number of users as SnapChat revealed in its last announcement and the Instagram app had copied. Also, it is rapidly going to monetize the huge crowd of audience.

According to the experts’ analysis, Instagram has monetized the feature just a 5-month period after its launch in August last year which may appear as a premature step and could cause to potentially slow its growth which is quite fast at present. Stories appeared atop the home screen of Instagram feed that helped 100 millions dailies hit last year in October. Before these stories were used to appear in a dissimilar app or tab. The Stories has the same number of users as Instagram did when it began displaying advertising in 2013’s end. With 600 million users per month and half of that on daily basis, Instagram took almost three years to reach where it is standing at present.

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The new feature of advertising in Stories is eventually going to roll out worldwide on each interface. However, it will be tested first in couple of weeks by a group of thirty different business partners that include Capital One and Nike. Reports also claim to have Netflix and General Motors to have included in the list of partners who will be testing the new feature.

Almost a 70℅ of Instagram users are already following a business while a one-third percent of Instagram Stories are creations of different businesses. Therefore, the company believes that its business partners can bring advertisings that would have the ability to engage users and won’t make them bored to close the app. People will be able to check with analytics for their Stories using the “Insights” icon placed on their accounts.

In addition, Instagram will sell the Stories advertisings on a cost of 1000-impressions. The company will price it through auction with any kind of length of view counting which comes as an impression.  It won’t need to play for 3-seconds to count as a view as we see in videos on Facebook. At present, we can’t swipe up or click to open the website of the advertiser. However, James Quarles who is the vice president of Instagram said people might like to purchase a click or pay money for a video view in coming time, and the company will certainly measure them in a different way. He also said that Instagram is planning to incorporate that in the coming months.


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