New io Game Launches:

New io Game Launches:

New io Game Launches:

Io games are some of the most popular app and browser-based games across the world and it’s clear why: their simple, but challenging gameplay is easy to pick up and can entertain players for hours at a time.

The concept behind the games are usually the same, but each game provides their own individual characteristics and additions that makes it different from the others. Generally, they are composed of large rectangular maps and a character driven by the player. The character has to grow, expand, eat or merge, all the while avoiding other players to survive.

This time around, the Oceanario Game has taken io games to the next level by introducing a game with more enemies and challenges, but all the more fun for those of us who have already mastered

New io Game Launches:

Peek into

This time, we’re a fish in a vast sea and we need to grow a large school of fish who will follow and protect us across the map.

Gathering fish is fun! All you need to do is eat bits of food that are littered through the sea. They look like small stars and microbes. After a few pieces, you will gain a new fish in your school.

Once you collect a few fish, you can merge them together to create bigger fish, which are stronger against your enemies.

You can even pick up some crabs and add them to your school of fish.

New io Game Launches:

The challenge…

Sound easy? It’s not! Danger is all around you..

Other players are swimming in the map as well and they’re out for blood. Approach them and their school of fish will devour yours within a few seconds. And they’re not the only enemies –  jellyfish will eat your fish in one quick swoop, too.

Therein lies the challenge – growing your school of fish while remaining uneaten by all the surrounding enemies. The more fish you have, the bigger a target you become.

Of course, you too can attack other schools of fish. When others players are close by, click on ‘w’ on the keyboard or the right-click button on the mouse to attack them. If you kill a player, you can steal his fish.

Ready to play?

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