How Are Pro Gamers Such Good Gamers?

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How Are Pro Gamers Such Good Gamers?

Do you often see pro gamers on YouTube videos and live streaming applications and wonder how they are so good? You might be playing the same games as them but you just don’t think your level of gaming compares to theirs at all. Do they have special brains in their skulls or is it something else? The first thing that makes pro gamers so good is their undying passion for gaming. You might pride yourself in playing a certain game for 2 hours every day. They, on the other hand, can spend a whole day playing a game and without even eating.

But this is not the only reason behind their professional gaming. The big difference comes from the devices they use. Watch any pro gamer’s video on YouTube and you will see a lot of stuff that does not look like the stuff you use for playing games. They can still play really well while using the standard devices but they have to go back to their amazing and especially bought equipment when they prepare for tournaments. First, you have to see the mouse they use for gaming. They don’t use the mice with 2 regular keys and a rotating wheel.

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Even if their mouse looks like a simple mouse, it has other features that make it better than the regular ones. For example, this mouse will have a very fast moving speed, extremely fast responsiveness and extraordinary sensitivity. Some gaming mice made by companies even have weights attached to them. You can attach or remove those small weights to the mouse to make it suit your use. Even advanced mice will even allow you to store profiles on them. You can use these different profiles i.e. settings, for different games. Two different gamers might prefer different settings while playing the same game.

The keyboards for gamers are also different. The keys on those keyboards might be using different mechanics underneath. Gamers will also have preferences when it comes to how much a key travels. Gaming keyboards are also designed to add some flashiness while gaming. These keyboards will have multi-colored lights in different places that will glow and change colors based on what’s happening in the game. Even the insides of the devices used by gamers are different from the insides of computers used by individuals who don’t play games professionally.

How Are Pro Gamers Such Good Gamers?

For example, they have a lot of RAM on their laptops and personal computers. They will often prefer SSD as the storage media because it is faster than conventional hard drives with spinning disks. Now, buying this stuff can cost you big time. It’s best that you locate some dedicated websites for gamers because you can find some great deals on those websites. A great such website for gamers to buy lots of stuff with amazing deals is If you want to be a pro gamer, you will have to keep an eye on the latest deals available so you can grab them before they expire.


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