Understanding How Backlinks Work and Developing a Link Building Strategy

Understanding How Backlinks Work and Developing a Link Building Strategy

Understanding How Backlinks Work and Developing a Link Building Strategy

Link building is an important aspect of online marketing. Almost all online businesses need backlinks in order to be visible on the internet. Backlinks are like relations on the internet. Every backlink is either your website’s URL or a banner that would direct visitors to your website. These banners and links are hosted on other websites and that’s why they are called backlinks: since they direct the visitors back to your website. However, creating such backlinks is not an easy task. Consistency, determination and proper planning are the things you need in order to have a successful link building strategy.

Understanding The Backlinks

As mentioned above, backlinks are the links of your website present on another website. The users on the other website will be urged to click on your website’s link for some reason. Your backlink could also be in the form of an image. The main purpose of having your link on another website is to benefit from that website’s traffic. In the online world, it is nearly impossible to generate natural traffic on your own. You have to take help from other websites and try to direct some of their website traffic to yours.

Deep Understanding Of Backlinks

It sounds very simple that you could simply have your website’s link on another website and the traffic on that website will start coming to your website, but it’s not that easy. The overall process has many phases and facets that need to be kept in mind. The most important thing you need to know here is that in this particular game there are bosses. The major search engines are the bosses here. Google is the biggest boss. You have to play according to their rules or you would lose your website’s credibility and traffic altogether.

When you create backlinks these major search engines give weightage to your website based on these links. From this you can conclude that you will only be given a better rank if your backlinks are in good shape. By backlinks being in good shape we mean your backlinks should be coming from reputable websites. The more PR the websites have that are directing their traffic to your website the better your ranking will become. Your ranking also depends on the number of backlinks you have. However, most experts would prefer to have more quality backlinks rather than focusing on quantity.

The Many Ways Of Creating Backlinks

Websites can deploy hundreds of different ways of creating backlinks. Internet is full of resources that talk about creating backlinks and various link building strategies. First and foremost is to create content. Create as much quality content as possible and distribute it on the internet. Include your website link or link to a particular page on your website in these written pieces of content and submit these articles to article directories. Websites often have their services and products reviewed by online reviewing websites. This also proves to be a great way of creating backlinks that are reliable and natural.

The important thing here is to distribute the content only on websites that have good reputation and ranking on the internet. Guest blogging is currently the hot means of creating backlinks. Guest blogging can be done in two different ways. You can go to popular blogs and ask the authors to furnish your content on their websites. This will create a backlink to your website. Another way is to ask expert and most popular bloggers on the internet to write about you. The content you produce does not always have to be in the form of text. You can use images, videos and podcasts too.

It is in fact highly recommended that whatever content you produce today should be produced in various formats. For example, if you have created a list of tips related to one of your products you should not only write it in the form of an article but also create a slideshow, video and audio format of this. This way you can share your stuff on various online content hosting websites. From this you can put your finger on another point – that your content should be in readable and attractive form.

Most online marketing experts will recommend that you write your content in the form of lists and bullets. This content has more chances of going viral on the internet and getting shared easily. There are other technical things that need to be done in order to refine and polish your link building strategy. If you are a company with online website and you have been around for quite some time, your major concern is to know how you can take care of your existing backlinks rather than worrying about how to make backlinks. In this scenario you have to use various online and desktop tools to reshape your link building strategy.

If you have a lot of backlinks coming from the same websites, you might want to give it some attention. Try to distribute your backlinks on a variety of websites. Furthermore, get rid of the broken links using several tools that are meant for this purpose. Don’t overly use your main keyword as your anchor text. Too many anchor texts containing your main keyword directing to your website can be fatal to your website. If you haven’t already done that, go ahead and create your company’s page on Wikipedia. That’s free marketing and the most effective one.

Things You Must Avoid

  • Don’t start building backlinks without a proper strategy.
  • Don’t have your website’s link on every website. Choose only reputable and quality websites to have your link hosted. Use only white hat SEO techniques to market your content.
  • Don’t rely all the way on organic SEO.
  • Do make use of paid marketing, especially PPC.
  • Don’t choose quantity over quality when it comes to backlinks.
  • Don’t take Google’s Disavow Tool for granted.

Don’t take mobile users for granted. In fact, create more backlinks to your mobile website now since Google’s new algorithm gives mobile websites a lot of weight.


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