10 Unique 3D Printing Small Business Ideas

10 Unique 3D Printing Small Business Ideas

10 Unique 3D Printing Small Business Ideas

Who would have known that a printer would one day start “printing” things like clothes, food, jewelry, spare parts, cars, and even body parts? Yes, 3D printing does all this and more! Read on to find out how you can harness the potential of the 3D printing wave to make profits.

1. Corporate 3D Printing Services

You can provide 3D printing services to other businesses if you already own a 3D printer or have enough money to buy one. Usually, manufacturing firms will need a prototype of a product before they begin making it on a bigger scale. You can provide those prototypes at a competitive price. Some firms may possess their own 3D printer for such purposes, but many may also prefer to avail of third-party services.

2. Sell 3D printers

Many advancements  occurring in 3D printing technology. The potential benefits of saving time, money, and material are being realized. Scientists are constantly improving the design to make better 3D printers that can provide a range of services. In such a scenario, you can develop a fast-paced, successful business putting various types of 3D printers for sale. You can also specialize supplying a special type of 3D printer. However, ensure that you have a proper strategy in place before you start the business.

3. 3D printer accessories and supplies

Buying an entire 3D printer may be too expensive a proposition for you. Don’t fret, you can still get a business started by supplying accessories for 3D printers to various parties that need them. In an area where 3D printing is regularly used, you will never go out of business!

4. 3D printing tutorials

Not a lot of people know about 3D printing, and awareness is still slowly spreading. In some parts of the world, 3D printing is still unheard of. If you are quite knowledgeable about 3D printing, you can film (and star in your own) video tutorials about various aspects of 3D printing and market them. Anything from basic “how to” videos to detailed “Troubleshooting” videos can be sold, depending on the target market.

5. Manufacture of jewelry

You can start a business manufacturing fancy jewelry, provided you own a suitable 3D printer or can buy one. Many designs are available free of cost on the Web. You can also hire a jewelry designer who has experience creating designs for 3D printing. Of course, this will need a heavy initial investment. However, as soon as you have plenty of innovative and beautiful designs, you will find customers eagerly knocking at your doorstep.

6. Replacement of body parts

Creation of replacement body parts using 3D printing is an application that has been tried and tested, and found to be successful. Body parts such as prosthetic limbs, artificial teeth, and even bionic ears can be manufactured using a 3D printer. Apart from earning profits, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped improve someone’s quality of life.

7. Manufacture of children’s toys

Children will never tire of toys and consequently, you will never run out of business manufacturing them. If you have a 3D printer or can buy one suitable for making toys safe for children, you can position yourself in the 3D market to make continuous profits.

8. Sell 3D printing information

This tip will be especially helpful for people who have in-depth knowledge of 3D printing. You can create an e-book or write a succinct and easy-to-follow book on different aspects of 3D printing. Currently, there isn’t much competition in this field because there aren’t many people who know a great deal about the technology. So, use your early bird advantage and get writing!

9. Blog about 3D printing

If you think writing a book is too difficult and too humungous a task, start gradually. You can share the information that you have in small bits by writing a blog. Once you have a huge number of people visiting your blog on a regular basis, you can start selling advertisement slots to 3D companies.

10. Affiliate marketing

If you’ve found the tips mentioned so far to be beyond your budget, you can still milk the 3D printing industry by finding customers on the Web and referring them to 3D printer retailing firms.

Being one among the first has its advantages, and you should cash in on it. Sharing information can not only be helpful in advancing the technology, but can also bring you monetary rewards.


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