iWatch Will Be A Like Of Moto 360
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iWatch Will Be A Look Alike Of Moto 360

iWatch Will Be A Like Of Moto 360

iWatch has been a challenge for Apple and according to reliable sources it will be launched in multiple versions. According to an analyst, it will be as same as the android programmed Moto 360. It will be a round shaped watch and will be a bit slimmer than the Moto 360. Before this there were rumors regarding the shape of this product that it will be in a rectangular shape but the Rosenblatt securities analyst has confirmed its shape despite the rumors around it. He has confirmed this most likely from the Taiwan supply of chain.

According to the analyst the iWatch will be made available in two versions which will be classified as one for men and one for women. Another analyst from KGI Securities has claimed that the iWatch will be made available in many or multiple versions which would come in different prices and their prices can also be sky high mounting up to thousands of dollars. Another hint given by the same analyst is that these multiple versions will also include 1.3in and 1.5in versions both available easily. The battery will also be superior to the other watches of this kind and will surely overtake the might of the other iWatch batteries. The sizes of these batteries will be between 200mAh and 250mAh.

There is not much known information about the upcoming iWatch except which has been mentioned above. Most likely the product will release with IOS 8 whose debut or opening is on 2nd June at the World Development Conference and will be surely running IOS 8 on its body. This opening will mark the future of Apple especially it’s Health book app. The iWatch also may come with some additional features as well and also some traditional features like the built in pedometer and heart rate monitor which is also present the Samsung Gear 2. It might also resemble the Samsung model in terms of built in applications only.  However it will have a slimmer profile and much more comfort to the users.

Rumors are increasing day by day. There is also one regarding its shape again which suggests it might be curved which plainly and quite comfortably explains that the shape and the structure of this smart watch will be round and will be in the form of a curved body.  The smart watch may have a built in wireless charger as well which adds in a new feature of this upcoming iWatch. According to earlier reports, the iWatch has already been built and is bound to be open for sale in July/August period most probably according to KGI Security of official and most likely Apple will develop more than 15 million iWatches most likely to be between 18-21 million for the second half of the year.


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