What to Expect from Apple’s October 22nd Event
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What to Expect from Apple’s October 22nd Event

What to Expect from Apple’s October 22nd Event

After its iPhone launch, the next big event of Apple Inc. is getting closer. The next generation of the iPad Mini, iPad and the next Mac OS called the Mavericks and Mac Pro will be launched at the event being held on 22nd of October 2013. It is also expected that the American multinational corporation will be showcasing a new range of its music player called the iPod. There are several items on the list of expectations regarding the Apple’s October 22nd Event. First and foremost, it is the iPad 5 that’s got people on the edge of their seats.

It was last year in October when the fourth generation of the iPad was launched. Therefore, there is no doubt that the iPhone maker would now be launching its successor i.e. the fifth generation of the iPad. According to some of the leaked videos, this new generation of the iPad will have a similar design as the iPad Mini and will also be sporting a thinner bezel. High resolution pictures of the iPad 5 had been posted on the internet, which had showed that it greatly resembled the iPad Mini. Apart from that, just like the iPhone 5s, the fifth generation of the iPad 5 is expected to have a 64-bit A7 chipset.

It is not yet clear if the screen resolution of the iPad will receive a boost, but so far it remains quite unlikely. As far as storage is concerned, the company is expected to release 16GB, 32GB and 128GB models. An eight megapixel camera is expected in the device, although it’s unlikely that it will have a fingerprint scanner that was recently introduced in the iPhone 5s. Also, as per rumors, the company will be eliminating the black iPad and it will only be available in white, grey and silver.

Next is the iPad Mini 2 and the biggest change that’s expected to be made in this device is that its screen will finally be given the Retina Display Resolution that makes Apple’s devices unique. The 7.9 inch screen of the iPad Mini had been given a screen resolution of about 1024 x 768 and for tech critics; this was the biggest disappointment of the device. The iPad Mini would become a killer device if a Retina Display screen is given to it. An upgraded A6 chipset is expected in the device, but it would be a nice surprise if the A7 is used instead. Chances of fingerprint scanner are very low, but the camera will definitely receive a boost.

Apart from that, it is also expected that the technology giant would release new versions of the iPod touch and the iPod Nano. The iPod touch will most probably have a bumped up processor and also a better and improved camera. Nonetheless, it is unlikely that any drastic changes will be made by the company in these two devices. the Mac Pro and Mavericks are the two new OS, which will also be released in the Apple’s October 22nd Event and have various unique features to boast.


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