Tips to Know About Your Security

Tips to Know About Your Security

Tips to Know About Your Security

Regardless of whether you are experienced in matters security or you are starting off your knowledge base, it is important to remember that the key to stopping future incident of theft in your home or burglar invasions is preventing it in the first place.

However, you are still human, and you may commit some mistakes in the quest for safety, no matter how watchful or careful you are. Sometimes you will go away for some time. Or you retire to bed, and the thieves know what to do to subvert any measures you have taken.

In the case of these unfortunate incidents, there are a few measures you can take – and many of them are not the standard tips you know from many total protect home warranty articles. Here are some of them.

Moving your alarm keypad

If you thought installation of a home security system is enough to deter unwanted individuals from accessing your home, think again. They are not fool-proof, especially with the habit of many home owners to install them at the front or back of the house.

Even though these locations are convenient, they only give you a short period before the alarm goes off and raises false suspicions about you.

Burglars know this very well – at least those who are experienced enough in robbing homes. These locations are the first places to look for alarm systems, so they will deal with them before getting inside your home. Some of them are so observant, that they know the numbers you usually key in.

Deal with this by being mindful of who is watching you disarm the keypad, and move it somewhere away from view. Another option you can use is multiple keypads instead of one. You can install one by the front door and another in your bedroom that allows you to act fast in case of an emergency.

Utilize the help of Mother Nature

You do not need to think so far and construct complicated walls or install complicated systems – you can take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer. Plant some thorny bushes or shrubs for the perfect home defense. In addition, trees, vines or bushes acting as a natural fence can help.

Using Dowell rods if you have sliding glass doors

These days, building homes is all about taking aesthetics into account, and many homes feature a sliding glass door. It has good value – it looks pretty, lets in a lot of natural light, gives you a great view of the outdoors without needing to go outside and so on. However, they have a major drawback – they are not very secure.

When you are dealing with an experienced burglar, they will definitely know tricks and ways to go around the door. It is even worse if the door is not secure in its installation, as they only need to lift it off the tracks. Therefore, if you have a sliding glass door, make sure to check its base line for security purposes.

If you want to secure the safety of your home, you can use dowel rods on the tracks, or any other similar materials. Make sure to position it between the wall and the door, and it will block the attempts of someone trying to open the door.

Use a key lock box for spare keys

Chances are high that you know someone that keeps their spare keys in extremely common places, including the mat, under potted plants, under rocks, in the mailbox, and so on.

Avoid thinking like this. Instead, go for the option of installing a key lock box somewhere. These are widely used by realtors, and are a much more secure option for keeping spare keys. You only need to enter the combination of the lock, and that means only you has access to the keys. The only thing to watch out for – treat it like your alarm system, and do not place it somewhere with full views.

Avoid keeping your valuables in the master bedroom

The first place house thieves tend to look at is the master bedroom, not even the other rooms. This is because the structure of many houses means that this room is one of the easiest to access, and that makes everything so much easier for thieves.

Avoid keeping valuable items in this room. Take a quick counting of the items you have in the room, and anything that is of value should be moved to an unexpected place where it cannot be found easily. A burglar will usually expect to findjewelry in the master bedroom, or other valuables such as credit cards. Doing the unexpected can actually save you and your property in the end.

An even better strategy would be keeping fake jewelry in a jewelry case to act as a decoy, since some burglars do not give up until they find a valuable item.

Acquire a decoy safe

For starters, never store your valuables in a low-quality safe, unless you want them to go fast. However, if you want to decoy any criminal elements, go a step further and purchase a decoy safe to throw them off.

Since thieves want to enter and go away as quickly as possible, they will not have time to check whether what is thereis the real thing. That makes it very likely they will run off with a fake safe that has fake valuables. Just put the fake safe somewhere easy to get, while the real safe should be in a difficult place.

Always keep your car keys near you

Always carry your car keys with you in the day, and place them near your bed when you sleep. When the car sends out an alarm signal, you can quickly press the panic button since the neighbors can hear the alarm. However, this strategy can only work in a place where the houses are close together.

Final thoughts

Most of the time you will be told about the conventional methods of ensuring your security, but other methods exist that you may not have thought of. Keep these strategies in mind, and they will enhance your security – largely because thieves do not expect them to happen.