Acer Smart Plug Review: Protecting your Home

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Acer Smart Plug Review: Protecting your Home

Technological advancement has changed our lives. Today, we live in the world of smart devices where you have smartwatches that don’t just tell you time, but also perform a myriad of other functions like checking your heart rate and what not or smartphones that can perform all the tasks you would previously do on a computer. Another addition that has been made to this world is the introduction of smart plug. The Acer Smart Plug is a unique device that lets homeowners watch over their homes even when they are away for safety purposes and also for energy-saving. It fulfills all your basic home automation needs in the form of a small plug.

The Acer Smart Plug is Wi-Fi enabled and you can plug it into your house with a lamp or any other small appliance. You can then start using the smart plug by downloading the supporting app on your smartphone. You can find the Acer Smart Plug app for both Android and iOS devices and it will give you complete control over the device. You have several language options like English, French, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. The smart plug can be used for different purposes and it comes with a one year warranty from Acer.

Acer Smart Plug Review: Protecting your Home

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One of the top reasons why Acer Smart Plug is in huge demand is its ability to give users remote control over the appliances in their home. If you have left something plugged in at home and wish to turn it off or you want to turn something on, you just have to access the app and a simple tap will do it for you. There is also a time scheduling feature provided in the app that can be used for turning an appliance on or off at a specific time. In addition, the app also enables you to keep track of the consuming power and charges of every electric device you have at home.

Acer Smart Plug Review: Protecting your Home

This means that the smart plug can enable you to control your energy consumption by telling you exactly where your energy costs are coming from. You can save huge sums of money in utility bills with the Acer Smart Plug as it keeps track of the fluctuations in energy level and monitors the consumption at its peak. Other than that, it is also a great tool for ensuring the safety of your home when you are away for a few days. For instance, you can use the smart plug for turning the light on remotely, which can deter people from entering your home, believing it to be occupied.

As per Acer Official Site, the plug also comes with overload protection, which means that your appliances will power down automatically when the network starts working too hard for protecting the devices and home. You don’t have to worry about any potential intrusions as a unique security key is provided to every Acer Smart plug and this ensures the safety of your network. The compact and useful smart plug is available for a very affordable price and you can invest in it for keeping your home safe.


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