Internet Will Be Controlled When New Regulations Are Implemented
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Internet Will Be Controlled When New Regulations Are Implemented

Internet Will Be Controlled When New Regulations Are Implemented

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FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has always been criticized for its steps it takes to perform its duties. Nonetheless, the mere work this agency is built for is something that would always remain controversial – regulating communications. However, the new regulations that were passed by the organization are going to get some more severe criticism from the public as more and more people get to know about them. According to Michael P. Ehline, a Los Angeles Attorney from, the biggest achievement for FCC here is that they passed and accepted these new regulations without even informing the nation about it or letting anyone know what the particulars of the document were.

The FCC commissioner is said to have wanted such regulations since forever. The regulations have been labeled net-neutrality. The commission that passed the regulations consisted only of 5 people and they went for approval in all quietness. The regulations were not disclosed but the main purpose of these regulations was proved later – it was to control internet. The document contains 400 pages and has recently been released for public to have a look at it i.e. after the approval has already been made. The involvement of the people in something that directly impacts their lives is zero in this particular case.

An activist group, namely Free Press, is being quoted as the main entity behind the approval of such regulations. It is said that Free Press wanted such regulations to be passed and this particular organization receives heavy funds from George Soros. In the document itself George Soros has been named nearly 50 times for his efforts in pushing these regulations on the internet. When the regulations are read carefully you realize that they are the exact opposite of “free”. Some reports have talked about Robert McChesney, the co-founder of Free Press, how he has always wanted the internet to be regulated heavily.

McChesney believes that the socialist principles should become the foundation of the society and capitalist system must be removed. The main intentions are pretty clear as we look at the regulations. Internet will be controlled heavily and if time and conditions allow the entire free media will be heavily regulated too. The president of American Commitment, Phil Kerpen, also noted in his letter to McChesney that what’s about to happen is something that no one could have thought in the past. He showed his concerns over making internet a place of content control and its diversion from being a free-market platform.

The new regulations are surely going to cause a big stir in press and media. As more and more people get a hold of the new regulations, they will speak loudly about them. Those who want freedom while using internet will be worried about the future of their internet use. Companies that have been operating freely on the internet will also be concerned about their future. Social media and social networking will be affected directly by these regulations. Eventually, the common public will be forced once again to follow the rules of the organizations that control them under the promises of providing them freedom.


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