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Apple Gets Lawsuit over MacBook Logic Boards Dismissed

Apple Gets Lawsuit over MacBook Logic Boards Dismissed

The iPhone maker had been accused of defrauding customers in a lawsuit by selling them MacBook laptops that contained defective logic boards, which had failed routinely in a period of two years. However, the company has managed to get the case dismissed. In San Francisco, the US District Judge William Alsup said that the plaintiffs had failed to provide proof that the American technology giant had indeed made affirmative misrepresentations. Benedict Verceles and Uriel Marcus, the plaintiffs had cited the marketing statements of the company, which had termed the laptops as the most advanced and state of the art laptops in the market and the online complaints received that were received.

The judge said that the plaintiffs failed to give evidence of unfit logic boards that couldn’t serve their original purpose or were of low quality. He said that both of these plaintiffs had been able to use their computers for about two years and 18 months respectively. The lawsuit filed against the Cupertino, California based company had sought the status of a class-action lawsuit and the judge gave the two plaintiffs till 22nd January to make amends to it. An attorney of the plaintiffs, Omar Rosales didn’t immediately give any response regarding this decision. The iPhone maker also didn’t say anything about the dismissal.

It was claimed by the plaintiffs that the technology giant has been selling MacBooks since May 20th, 2010, which means that it is in direct violation of the consumer protection laws in both California and Texas. That’s where the actual lawsuit had begun before it was moved last May. It was also asserted by the plaintiffs that Tim Cook, the chief executive officer of the company had been contended about this defect in the logic boards of the laptops in 2011, but had chosen to take no action regarding it.

Logic boards are more commonly referred to as motherboards and comprise of computer circuitry, which is immensely important for proper functioning of the device. Nevertheless, even though Apple has succeeded in getting this lawsuit dismissed, the company’s problems are far from over. As a matter of fact, there is another lawsuit that is still pending in California in which the firm has been accused of defrauding customers since 2011. According to this lawsuit, the MacBook laptops that were sold by the company since that year have contained defective graphic cards, which has led to system failures in some cases and screen distortion in others.

MacBooks are an integral part of the American giant’s line of laptops and desktop computers. In the latest fiscal year, Apple Inc. has reported that unit sales of the MacBook business were somewhere near 18.91 million. It is yet to be seen what becomes of this case as the company may not be so lucky the second time in getting a dismissal, especially if the plaintiffs are able to provide enough evidence to show that the iPhone maker was indeed defrauding its consumers by selling them laptops that contained defective products.


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